Those "Roomba" Robot Vacuum Cleaners..Do They Work?

I am trying to find a good Christmas gift for my wife…and I am interested in a “Roomba”. Anyone here have one? Do they clean the floor as well as a standard vacuum?
At last…robot technology! If only I could have a robot to open the door and mix drinks for me!

A test. Short answer: the robot navigation works great, but there’s no actual vacuum (by design) – it’s just an agitator brush.

Tread carefully when purchasing home appliances for the wife on her birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day…

we own the high-end one (with the remote control) It does use an agitator brush as well as suction akin to a dust buster. AThey work remarkably well on pet hair (we have 3 dogs), as well as surface dirt. Though for deep cleaning you’ll want to use a regular vaccuum once a week or so. They’re maily for touch ups during the week.

Now, talking hardwood/tile/linoleum? AWESOME!! Unless you track mud ar snow in, you don’t even have to mop. So, if you can afford one, get one! Plus they’re really cool to show people who don’t know they exist.

Hold 'er there, Knute! There’s a little vacuum; at least there’s a fan wheel underneath that you get to clean every now and then.

Ours works fine. You have to think about the room first, because it can get stuck under the edges of cabinets or get tangled up in rug fringe or confused in a thicket of chair legs, but it does a good job of cleaning. Its power seems to about equal to that of a DustBuster.

One thing: Spend a bit more money and get the fast battery charger. Otherwise it takes twelve hours to charge.

Don’t listen to him. Go to Target and get one of those pretty mop buckets. Fill it with scrub brushes, toilet brushes, gloves and toilet cleaner. Put a nice bow on the handle.

Buy fishing tackle with the $150 you saved.

Ok, my mom has one of those things. It works pretty good. Hers seems to obsess over her bathrooms. One night she reported it came in her room, seemingly muttering “praise satan” and devoured a pair of knickers, but that’s all.

How does it do on corners, and how close to the baseboards does it get? If you have to drag out the vacuum to do those, it seems pointless.

The " Roomba" would be good on hardwood floors to get up the crumbs etc., fun to watch etc. Forget it and invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

I installed a central vac system in my house about 20 years ago and it sucks the dirt out of the carpet, all the dust off the vinly kitchen floor, and exhausts whatever fine particles not caught by the bag in the machine in the garage to the outdoors to be blown away by the wind.

My sister-in-law had one installed at the same time and wouldn’t part with it.

If you go that route give serious consideration to an electric powered sweeper head rather than air powered. The newer machines are also bagless, using a cyclone separator, and exhausting the very fine particles to the outside just a mine does.

When and if the central unit goes over the hill my wife will insist on an updated replacement pronto. She wore out two or three Electrolux Tank machines priot to that. (She vacuums oftern, early, and late.)

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