Those singing cookies in the microwave! (TV Commercial)

There’s this commercial for some cookies that you’re supposed to heat up in the microwave before eating, and so you see these animated chocolate chip cookies on the rotating turntable, singing:

“We’re running out of time…(tick tock tick tock) … before the meltdown”,

and I’m intrigued by it. It sounds like a mid-60’s protest song about some kind of impending disaster. At the same time, it sounds more like early R&B than the typical folksong style. The way the song is done reminds me of early Motown, a la Smokey Robinson doing Shop Around. Maybe with a dash of Chambers Brothers, too. Since I love that style of music, this is the first commercial I’ve ever wanted to crank.

Has anybody seen this commercial and knows something about the music? Did they invent the music for the ad, or is it from a real song? If so, who did id?

I’ve seen the commercial but don’t recognize the music as a cover song. Similar to the cookies on the bus “Squeezed in the Middle” song, I’m pretty sure it’s just a little ditty thought up by ad guys.

I think it’s pretty grim, myself. They’re being nuked to death!

Oh, I love that commercial!!

I figured it was a cover song, too, like the California Raisins singing “Grapevine”. But I don’t know what song it is.

I’ve seen the commercial, but I don’t have any background info on the music. I like the commercial, but probably because I liked the “Squeezed In The Middle” bus commercial. I would watch it and wonder what would happen if the bus crashed and they were all stuck in some remote area. How long would it take before panicked passengers killed the cookie and ate it?

javaman, if you like the style of music, did you enjoy all those California Raisins commercials? (If you saw them…)

Oh, God, I hate that commercial! It really does not make me want to eat their nasty, chemical-filled cookies. Why in the world do ad guys think that anthropomorphizing food makes it more appealing?

Burindi, I probably wouldn’t eat the cookies either.

Skelji, I didn’t mind the California Raisins ads, but I suppose I’d just already heard I Heard It Through The Grapevine too many times for it to engender any excitement in me. Actually, I meant to mention in my OP that I think the music also has a touch of The Zombies in it…another great underrated band from the era.

Actually, Javawoman thinks they look like piranha fish.