Those stoves in the Afgan relief

I watched a news clip the other day where they were showing an Afgan woman recieve her relief package.

A large bag of grain,a blanket like thing,2 plastic sheets and a stove. The stove was in three pieces all about 1 ft square by 2ft high.I’ve never seen anything like it. I assume it was just tin since it was obvious it wasn’t heavy.

I believe I heard they also got a large bag of charcoal but I’m not sure about that.

Anyone know of a site where I can see one of those stoves?

I also noticed another newsclip where a woman was washing clothes at some river. She had by her side a shiny chrome like thing that looked like a stovepipe that seemed to be smoking.It was only about 1 1/2 ft high and 10 " diameter. any ideas what that was? Perhaps what we would consider a camping stove???

Did it look like this?

That just might be what they were giving the woman with the grain. It is kinda hard to tell but it was square like that and appears to be about the correct height.Now if they would just take the one in the link apart so I could see it in pieces.:wink:
Thanks for the link.