Those wood-grain office storage boxes: why?

Why do so many offices, even in this day and age, use these kind of cardboard storage boxes - with faux-woodgrain - when that look has totally gone out of style for pretty much everything else in the world? Is it just a tradition?

I guess they’re meant to look a little more in keeping with furniture, rather than just boxed stuff. - that is, if there is a stack of them in the corner of the office, they are conspicuously there for the purcpose of archiving, whereas a stack of brown cartons might look like you’re in the process of moving (and for some people, this matters).

Those glue hobo spider traps also seem to have an identical retro-looking wood paneling motif. I guess it’s so they blend in, but it doesn’t really work unless your house was last remodeled in 1974.

I don’t the answer but it reminds me of the time I saw a plastic bookshelf at a garage sale. Rather than having a wood grain molded into it it had a pattern that mimicked particle board. True story.

I always figured it was because they bought a metric asston of them in 1974 and we’re still using them.

The short answer is “That’s what the office storage box manufacturers are making.”

Now, why storage box makers are making wood-grained boxes is another issue entirely, and it may well come to “Because that’s what our customers are buying.”

As for me, I normally buy the blank white ones.

I haven’t seen the woodgrain ones in our office supply stores for years.

A quick look at OfficeMax’s website shows 90 items when searching for “file storage box”. Many of the items returned aren’t traditional file storage boxes, so there’s probably only about 40 items which fit the traditional cardboard box for archiving files idea. Of those 40, there are many colors available now, including plain brown looks like recycled content; we’re being soooo Green. Exactly one item is woodgrain.

So it seems they exist, but are on the way out. I’d bet most sales are to outfits which are anal-retentive enough to want all their archives in the giant warehouse to match.

why are shower curtains with fish popular?

fish and wood images satisfy our deep brain as was conditioned by living in nature.

I mostly remember ugly black and white ones. I doubt this is a growing market needing expensive new graphics to remain competitive.

I am a pack rat keeping everything that I might ever need. Once in a while I manage to find something useful in all the junk. I needed some recently to keep my SD cards and USB sticks with my images. I laughed my self silly when I realized it originally had 30 slides in it. It takes up a lot less room to store things digitally. Likely I have 10-15 cubic feet of filled slide trays together containing fewer images than I could fit on a micro SD card.

I wonder how much the paper would cost to hold the information I can put on a $10 USB stick?

Companies following best practices carefully identify different types of records and shred certain ones. The boxes can be reused.