Thoughts on getting rid of old, unusued, unopened print cartridges?

I have various print cartridges in the office I’d like to get rid of. There’s at least three different kinds. The company that we bought them from took a percentage back but they won’t take all of them. I don’t want to just throw them away.

Craiglist? Or is there a better idea?

Craigslist is usually good. If you give up on selling them you could try giving them away at It’s a collection of mailing lists specific to local areas where residents give stuff away on the “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” principle.

I’ve tried Freecycle and their setup doesn’t work here at work. I forget why, but there is Java involved somewhere in their signup and I can’t get past a certain point.

I don’t even need to sell them. I’d be content giving them away. Craigslist it is.

I was able to sell mine on eBay, FWIW.

There is an expiration date on HP cartridges, and I made sure to explain in my description that there was an expiration date, it had passed, and buy at your own risk.

I was able to sell both of them - I think for $15 apiece.