Thread about starting threads

I wanted to start a very important thread about starting threads. My question is, how do you start a thread? :confused: I am very confused about all this and thought I should immediately start a thread to clear up the confusions on starting threads. Can anyone explain to me the arcane procedure necessary to start a thread? Thank you. :dubious:

Oh, and while we are at it, what is all this editing stuff people talk about?

I got starting threads down ok, but what I want to know is how do you reply to them?

I thought of another question – how do you get the mods mad at you so you can get a warning? I feel really left out that I have never gotten a warning. Is there some easy way to piss off a mod?

I still don’t get all this stuff about starting a thread, editing, posting replies or even viewing the posts. All very confusing. I would think that some Mod might be nice enough to explain it all so then I can do something to make him mad and get a a warning. Sheesh. :dubious: