Thread locked why?

There was a question in GQ that had to do with spoofing an IP address. Not knowing what it was, from context I got that it is a way of sending out a false IP address in such a way that you can get a response - but is very hard to trace to you. Manhattan stated that he sees no reason for spoofing a web site and that spreading such info goes against ‘security’ measures that the SDBM uses.

Do you use IP addresses to spot people with multiple SDMB usernames? If so what if my wife and I were both active members (I am she is not but what if?) We share a single dynamic IP using NAT on a Verison DSL account so as long as we stay logged on, our IP doesn’t change (and sometimes we stay continously logged on for days) - would that cause you to deactivate our usernames?

Also I know that Manhattan runs a tight ship over there, but I think it would have been better to explain the situation and ask ‘give me a good reason for spoofing a web site or else I’ll lock it’

Perhaps spoofing is illeagal or the SDMB has been hacked using spoofing and it threatened by it - maybe a little better explaination is in order.


No, not if we knew you and your wife shared a computer. It happens all the time, though. An unfortunate consequence of our one-name-per-poster policy is that we sometimes have to verify whether duplicate screen names from the same IP address are genuine. But to put your mind at ease: we only start looking at IP’s when there’s a cause for concern. With sockpuppets and the like, concern arises sooner or later. It always does.

There is a thread in the Pit discussing this very thing. Perhaps your arguments are better off there.

I suppose if you and your wife were to post from the same machine, and you were concerned about conveying the wrong impression, it wouldn’t hurt to drop a mod or admin (I guess Tubadiva would be your best bet) a line and let them know. But again, from my experience, as long as one follows the rules and doesn’t act like a jerk it won’t even be an issue.

'Course I’ve been accused of all sorts of baby-eating and such before, so I’m a little sensitive about it. YMMV.

Pa Parrot and I don’t like to take chances, so he posts from work.

If you are a member in good standing, if you live by our forum rules, there could be a thousand members of the Teeming Millions posting from one computer and we would neither know nor care.

When there’s good behavior, it’s not an issue.

Tracking through IP numbers is one of the ways we use to check on bad behavior, most often for miscreants that get their posting privileges revoked that come back to the board in another screen name and pick up where they left off. We do not allow duplicate screen names and if someone has been banned from the board that’s generally it, we don’t want that person’s patronage.

your humble TubaDiva

Thanks for the response

Don’t like to frequent the pit, but maybe I’ll check it out.