Thread's last word was insults against me

I’m unhappy with how the thread:
The next pandemic in the US must be met with lethal force
was closed.

Basically, XT wrote a long evidence and logic-free accusation of me of being under the CCP’s thumb and knowingly lying.
At that point the thread was closed with a note that XT came close to getting a warning.

I’m just a little disappointed that I will get no chance to defend myself, point out the copious evidence supporting my position, and that this ridiculous post is the last thing that everyone that was following that thread will get to see.

I think you know the answer, if you want to call him out, take it to the pit.

That thread is a disaster and will not be reopened.

You should have read it, as I did no such thing as accusing him of being an agent. I went out of my way to NOT do that, in fact. But it doesn’t really matter at this point as I think I’m done. Mijin, you can defend yourself here, though why you would bother I don’t know, as you are preaching to the choir here…everyone ALREADY believes you. Everyone already thinks I’m a nut. What more do you want or need? And the Mods are on board too. Feel free to start that pit thread though…might be entertaining for you all to pile on me.

It’s pretty sad though. Don’t you care about confirming what is actually true?
Don’t you care about whether you’ve insulted someone unfairly?

Instead of responding to any of my points, you just doubled down and now doing some maudlin thing of “Oh, everyone is against me anyway”.

FWIW I will send my draft message to you by PM

The Need To Have The Last Word is strong.

I’m fine walking away from threads where no progress is possible. But something about a long diss screed and then Thread Closed really irks.

And, IYHO, how should the Mods have responded? Arrange to let you have the last word and then close it? When does it end?

I don’t always agree with Mod choices to close threads but I would accept that they almost certainly prevent many more problems than they cause.

A warning, or delete the last post. It was devoid of any information content anyway.

We don’t delete posts in general. You should know that by now.
The warning was iffy, but the thread was no a Great Debate and a lot of posts were aimed at posters and not the posts. It wouldn’t have been fair to warn XT.

@XT, if this was accurate, I’m pretty sure I would have given you a warning.

Specifically ordering XT off the hobbyhorse would have helped, IMHO.

And with that we’ll close this thread.

Wrong Droids, BoatMan!

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