Threatened with legal action over a 2007 post!

I received a private message from a person I pitted in 2007:

I don’t know whether to be amused, frightened, or pissed off. I alternate mainly between amused and pissed off. I suppose the admins couldn’t say if they’ve heard from this clown, but what’s been the SOP for legal threats over posts in the past? Can this jerk actually get a thread removed and/or initiate legal action based on the opinion of someone via a message board post?

He had someone else try to get me to delete the post a few weeks ago. On March 13, I got this private message:

In both cases I told them that a poster could not delete their own posts. I didn’t engage with them beyond that.

Hey, it’s not my fault it’s so high in Google searches. Blame Google.

…this is irrelevant to the question you asked (which is a good one) but are you sure you were contacted by the real Michael Minkler?

Of course not, but I have no reason to doubt it either. What, it’s his mom? Maybe his mom wrote the first one.

I’m asking around on Twitter and elsewhere to see if this guy has threatened anyone else with legal action.

The Streisand Effect should kick in soon, and this thread will keep the original pitting high on the Google list.

The IM was from “heidib” and he is associated with a Heidi B Myers so if it was someone impersonating him they went to extra effort to make it all appear realistic.

He stands almost no chance of having an opinion about him taken offline and sure didn’t do much to help himself by reviving the issue after over 7 years passed.

He would have better luck contacting Google (and by better luck I mean they won’t do it either, but he won’t be bugging us) Even if he somehow managed to threaten his way into having it taken off the Dope or even Google it would still live forever in the internet archives, bloggers and rebloggers, clone sites that repost all the messages here, etc.

It is part of internet history now that someone thought he acted like an asshole at the 2007 Oscars. He’s just going to have to carry on somehow despite this.

When you say a “private message” do you mean that he is now signed up here at the SDMB, or do you just mean an email or something?

This Michael Minkler guy (who I never heard of before today) is certainly showing himself to be an incredible and ongoing asshole!

By “associated,” you mean married (2008), right?

Seems to me that you didn’t even really say anything that bad about him, either. It was other sites and reporters that you quoted, who witnessed him do it and brought it up first, that were at the core of your post.

Yes. I heard he stole her from Kevin O’Connell too.

If they haven’t contacted the site about this, then I wouldn’t worry about it. AFter all, as you have stated, you have no control over what is posted after it’s done and no ability to have a posting removed. ALso, if this person was serious they would send a “lawyer letter” to your home address and make their intent clear.

As long the posting wasn’t libelous and the same information can be found on other sites or other places on the Internet, I wouldn’t worry about it. I would ignore it until either Straight Dope contacts you about the posting or you receive a notification offline.

Then I would suggest having a brief chat with an attorney with regard to your options.

And aren’t members threatening to sue anyone here automatically banned? Or is that just when they threaten to sue the Board itself?

EDIT: Plus how would he find you to sue you?

Coulda been worse, he coulda threatened illegal action.

Hard to believe that Minkler could be moronic enough to dredge up interest in this after 7 years. Maybe a fan (even the most obscure figures in movies could have fans, I suppose)?

If it’s any comfort, the OP is still way behind this guy when it comes to receiving vacuous legal threats.

It might just be time to go to a forum, like reddit, that a huge percentage of the population actually reads and let everyone know that Michael Minkler is a massive asshole.

Here is video of the incident. Anyone can decide for themselves.

Maybe, Equipoise, he’ll just make you sound really really bad in your next movie?

What’s the statute of limitations on calling somebody an utter and complete bastard? It’s been seven years…

The OP could offer to meet Minkler in Bangkok, then I could have a motorcycle taxi driver take it from there. I haven’t lived here this long without knowing how to have a motorcycle taxi driver, er, “take care of things.”

Did this person who may or may not be Minkler’s wife really offer Equipoise inside Hollywood information in exchange for deleting her post?

That’s just gross. And her characterization of the incident doesn’t match the apology that Minkler allegedly put out after the controversy.

Contrast with his reported apology here:

Read this: So You’ve Been Threatened With A Defamation Suit.