Threatened with legal action over a 2007 post!

Yes! I peeped that, too. Hahaha! She tried to bribe her!

In the actual article, he goes on to say that he was attempting humor.

I would be excited if I had an Oscar winner PMing me with threats of suing over a pitting. That’s awesome.

Of course they did. Why wouldn’t they? You can’t troll someone effectively if it’s easy to see through the troll.

Pssst! Equipoise! You want to know which sound mixer is [slide whistle] the [boing] of married sound engineer [honk honk]? Delete your post and I’ll tell you! [Wolf whistle]

That’s true. The whole “apology” didn’t make a lot of sense. It’s the media’s fault, I snapped, I was trying to be funny. Kind of like a shotgun apology.

Don’t give Meryl Streep any ideas. She’s dying to sue someone.

Is this an SDMB first? A public figure threatening to sue because they’re cheesed over an unflattering post?

Thanks for all the entertaining replies!

Yes indeed, a Private Message here at the SDMB. I never bothered to do this until now, but I just clicked on their usernames and got this:

His wife’s (? Thanks for that info Crazyhorse and musicat!) info when I clicked on her name:

So they both joined just to send me a Private Message. Huh. If they’re banned it’s not as if either one would care.

So THAT’S what happened to Charlie Brown’s teacher! The actress must have pissed him off somehow.

Good question. That info could come in handy for everybody who has called somebody a bastard or an asshole on the internet.

I don’t know anything about reddit. Where would I even start? I certainly would like as many people as possible to know about this. It’s one of those great internet “WTF?” moments. Well, not so great, kinda pathetic really, but it is amusing. I would like him to be remembered both for his quotes about Kevin O’Connell AND that he threatened legal action over a silly message board post. 7 years after the fact. And that he got his wife to try and bribe the thread starter with juicy Hollywood gossip. I do wonder what she might have told me if I’d taken the bait. Nobody in Hollywood is safe telling her any secrets! I still wouldn’t have been able to delete the thread even if I cared about gossip regarding the Hollywood community, which I generally don’t.

If so, what a fan eh? A Superfan. There’d have to be two fans though, unless minklerm is a sock for heidib.

Don’t count Minkler out in the “moronic” department though. He may be a brilliant sound guy (seriously, I respect his skill tremendously) but the two can go hand in hand.
Siam Sam, thanks for the offer. I’ll pass, but I’ll keep it in mind for future reference.

My thanks to the SDMB, this is such an honor! I’d also like to thank my fellow Pitters, who make life entertaining on a daily basis. Thank you to my friends and family, especially my wonderful husband. I couldn’t have done it without you babe! If I had a manager, an agent and a laywer, I’d thank them too. Most of all, I’d like to thank Google, for putting my Pitting in Michael Minkler’s face (well, after someone else brought it to his attention). You’re creepy and I try not to use your Search Engine if I can help it, but you bought YouTube, and for that I’ll be forever grateful! In’n’Out Burger, here I come!

Hope you get a letter.
And it demands reparations.
I’m thinking “a shrubbery” would be just recompense.

She’s coming on to you, Dude. Watch out! :slight_smile:

Thanks for these Jackmannii and ctnguy. Very entertaining reading.

Truman Burbank, unfortunately I’d have to steal a shrubbery out of a neighbor’s yard. They would notice.

Well, I’m not a lesbian, or even bisexual, so she would have no luck there. I really wish I knew what was in her mind. What was she willing to tell me? Now I have Erdosain’s sound effects running through my brain, like a sound earworm. Thanks a lot Erdosain!

“Truman Burbank, unfortunately I’d have to steal a shrubbery out of a neighbor’s yard. They would notice.”

It’s lawsuits all the way down!

I just assume all sound mixers communicate solely in suggestive sound effects. If I’m wrong, I don’t want to find out.

Oy. You didn’t read that Ken White (Popehat) post very carefully, did you? Did you not notice the multiple times he mentions “Don’t do anything, don’t write anything, speak to a lawyer if you can”?

I’m not talking about posting this thread in the first place, because you apparently didn’t do any research beforehand and thus didn’t realize that doing stuff like this is inadvisable. But now I see that you didn’t just post this thread – you bumped the freakin’ thread in question by adding the content of their private messages to you.

(Honestly, posting the private messages here was a weird choice if you were really worried about a lawsuit – did you consider just emailing Tubadiva or CK Dexter Haven? More fun for us to post this stuff in public, but still, not a great instinct.)

I’m not saying it’s not interesting for all of us to read, but if you were really worried about a suit, taking things public and then adding an accelerant to the flames is not the wisest move. Not because I think they have a case–I don’t believe they do (however, IANAL)–but because it’s pointless to provoke more attention before you have all your legal ducks in a row. I hope other people will think twice if anything like this happens to them.

I run a message board and have had this stuff happen to me. Never been sued, it all worked out in the end. But personal, non-lawyerly advice to anyone who’s in such a situation is always to sit tight, contact a lawyer if possible, and certainly don’t publicize or antagonize the issue any further. After the fact, once you know you’re in good legal standing, including the publicizing of private messages? Air the truth.

Just a recommendation from someone who’s been in this situation.

Oh, my bad. On closer reading I see that first you bumped the very thread that you feared might get you in legal trouble, and then you doubled down by posting this new thread here six hours later, still worried that you might be in legal trouble. I don’t think you were actually all that worried. :slight_smile:

Okiedoke. Have at it, then!

The truth is an absolute defense against libel. And the truth is, ** minklerm** acted like an ungrateful asshole with a chip on his shoulder.

The rest is merely opinion. It is my opinion that not only did he act like an asshole, his follow up actions indicate that in real life, he is an asshole. Good thing opinions are protected.

Would love to see what’s going to be kicking around the mod loop about this one.
Odd, weird and strange behavior from a Hollywood “insider” completely clueless about how the rest of the world functions.

No, I’m not worried. Not even after this Private Message I just received:

Ooooh, I’m so scared! If I should be worried about this, then we ALL should be worried.

We have received a communication from an individual representing himself as the injured party. I’m closing this thread pending further discussion. A threat of legal action involving this board is no laughing matter. Please don’t make additional posts on this subject.