Threatening the President

While driving through scenic Livermore California Saturday I saw a licence plate that read:


For those unfamiliar, the “AK” probably refers to an AK-47, a popular Russian-made machine gun.

Now, aren’t there pretty strict laws about threatening the prez? Wouldn’t this maybe be viewed as a bit provocative?

On a side note I should mention that a co-worker of mine actually had two FBI agents come to his office to discuss a webpage about his super propane powered potato-launcher. The problem? A list of goofy uses for the thing included: Take out Air Force One (or something to that effect). It was obvious to anyone that it was intended as a joke, but the FBI apparently took a dim view of it (it was omitted post-haste).

Or Alaska.

Or Alvin Kevin.

Or Hi Opal!

Or …

Perhaps those were the owner’s initals and last name? A.K. Bush? I can’t imagine anyone paying extra for a vanity plate just to say something about Dubya.

Alaska Bush Pilot, as in Northern Exposure’s hottie.

But knowing the Feds, they are likely to investigate that driver as well as Inky, especially with the internet snooping system they have that probably picked up the typed words in OP. Typing that style of Russian device in close proximity to the words Bush, Thrtening,** and Prez.

Ha, ha. Kidding. (Or am I???)

Oh great, now I’m busted…

I just hope they give me a more flattering composite sketch than they gave the Unibomber.

Didn’t Jesse Helms, R-Sen of NC, once say something in a speech like “Clinton better be careful if he ever comes to North Carolina. He shouldn’t feel safe here”. Helms was implying that it is open season on Clinton if he visited NC. Now, is that not a threat? And coming from a senator, nonetheless. Did the FBI ever investigate it? Did Helms ever retract it? I think not.

A friend of mine got investigated by the FBI for this reason. He and a pen-pal had a running joke going where they would put a comic fake organization in the return address.

“Society to Assasinate the President” was not a good idea.

Everybody wave Hi! to the nice FBI agent!