Three days alone

I drove the SO to the U-Haul place. She’s off on a thousand-mile round-trip down to Oregon to get her things out of her storage unit. Driving today, loading (and possibly visiting) Friday, driving back Saturday. We’ll unload on Sunday.

As dad would say, ‘Better thee, than me!’ I sure don’t envy her the trip. It’s raining, and the roads are slippery. In an hour she’ll be fighting the Seattle traffic. (Ironically, Seattleites have no clue how to drive in the rain.) An advertising campaign for Horizon or Alaska Air a couple years ago called the trip between Seattle and Portland ‘The Slog’. And it is. Believe me. Both of us hate driving through Portland. And then she still has farther to go down the freeway, and then a long and winding road through some mountains to get to Coos Bay. Five hundred miles in a bloody truck. ugh And then she has to repeat the trip in reverse.

I shouldn’t be concerned. She knows how to fly a helicopter, so a truck won’t present a problem. And she’s moved across the country before, so she knows how to drive a truck. I told her to call me anyway.

So three days alone with the cat! Working today and tomorrow, and I have duties to perform tonight and Saturday. So I won’t be running around the house in my underwear and wearing Wayfarers. (It’s too cool now to run around the house in my underwear.)

Now we’ll have to put an ad on Craigslist to get rid of my ratty – but very comfortable – couch and love seat.

Just to be clear, her direction of travel is reversed from north-to-south to south-to north. She’s not going to back up all the way home.

Thank you for clarifying.

As a married mother of a toddler, I envy you. Drink wine, watch trashy TV, and sleep in the middle of the bed. Oh, and every now and then stop and enjoy the s-i-l-e-n-c-e.

It’s always tough being the one left behind. She is in such a new situation that her neurons are all occupied, whereas you are stuck at home painfully aware that your daily pattern of living has been disrupted. I’ve been home alone a lot this month. The last time I complained about it, one of my friends said, ‘‘Well I have to wait three months to see my boyfriend. You shouldn’t complain!’’

I think that totally misses the point. The point is that my husband is integrated into the fabric of my daily life - he is a neurological pattern in my brain, a habit. When those patterns are disrupted it can totally throw you for a loop (also I get stuck with all the housework, which sucks.)

I LOVE being in the house alone - doesn’t happen often enough. And screw the housework - who cares if that shit doesn’t get done? No one’s looking at the place but me.

I’m not lonely! (Just to set people’s minds at ease.) I’ve lived alone practically all of my adult life. I just wish I could goof off for the next couple of days instead of being responsible and working.

As for housework, I’ll do dishes. I’m a little compulsive about washing dishes. (And I hate washing dishes – probably because I’m compulsive about them.) I’ll do those, and also wash the drip pans on the new stove.

Last time Mrs. Cad had a business trip, she stressed that it was important TO HER that I let the dogs continue to sleep on the bed while she was gone. :frowning:
They STILL can’t figure out half the bed is empty for their use.

Coos Bay…Wasn’t that where Kermit the Frog interviewed the aliens?

Sorry, that was Koosbane.

Ha! I take exception to that! It’s all the transplants from other places, like, oh, I don’t know, LA, maybe, that can’t drive in the rain. If you want to snarl traffic there, just throw a glass of water on the freeway!

I was born and raised here. I can drive in the rain. I hate the snow, but 10 years in Kansas City taught me how to drive in that too.


You and the cat stay warm.

My two teenagers and my husband will be going away for a two-week Scout trip next summer. I’m doing my best not to let them know how much I am looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, it may coincide with preparations for moving to a new apartment. Even if it does, I would much rather clean and pack by myself than have to supervise and/or argue with everyone else about how to do it.

Oh, people freak out for a couple of days when it rains in L.A. But they generally learn to deal with it fairly quickly. Up here? Not so much. Over three hours to get to Seattle yesterday. Two and a half hours last Wednesday. Three and a half hours one day before that. You know those signs saying how long it is to Downtown? Yesterday the first one said 70 minutes. I drove for 10 minutes, and the other sign said 71 minutes. The radio reported an hour and 50 minutes to drive from Everett to Downtown Seattle. I haven’t been on time to the office since the rain started. Maybe you know how to drive in rain, but the vast majority don’t.

No worries about keeping warm. I just went out to get the mail, and it’s quite balmy. If it does get cold, it will give me a chance to wear my Irvin jacket.

Say, there’s something about living with another person. More leftovers. Living alone, I’d keep eating leftovers until they were gone and then cook something else. Girls don’t seem to like to eat the same thing every day. I ate her leftover Thai food (from Sunday) for lunch today. There’s still some taco meat from last week in the fridge. I’ve got beef Panang curry leftover from lunch yesterday. There’s Spanish rice leftover from the chiles rellenos I made Saturday. (She made bean dip out of the refried beans.) She made a thick-crust pepperoni pizza in the cast-iron skillet last night, and there’s a quarter of it left.

So…Are you two moving in together, hence she’s getting her stuff and you have to get rid of comfy couch?

If so, congratulations :smiley: And sympathies for the couch. Old, comfy furniture is so underrated.

And big ‘Yup’ to the one being left behind during a separation having it the worst. MrTao and I are going to be living in separate states, for work-related reasons, and it may be 6 months, it may be a year, we have no idea. We orignally met online, so it’s not as if we’re unfamiliar with this, but still.
I feel I’m getting the lucky end of things 'cause at least I’m the one going; he gets to stay, and just be sad. I get to be sad, but at least very occupied.

She moved in December 2010. Her couch is much nicer than mine. I got mine from BigLots! because I needed one, I was unemployed, and I got the couch and love seat for $300. (Driving out from there, two women were walking in the parking lot. One said, ‘Look! A “guy couch”!’ Apparently black fake leather = ‘guy couch’.) Being cheap, the fake leather is peeling off of the backing. Looks a mite tatty. I was going to get a futon before the SO moved in, but we’ll use her couch. She has a comfy chair and ottoman too, but I can’t really get comfortable in it. I’ll have to claim the couch!

We have something in common! I’m being left alone in Seattle for 3 days by my SO as well. He goes to Michigan tomorrow morning to be in a friend’s wedding. I don’t envy him much either.

I also have to be responsible, but it’s studying immunology, which is really not that bad. I’m sure I’ll find a way to incorporate wine, junk food and trashy TV.

Good luck to you, and to your SO. Fortunately, it’s supposed to be a teensy bit drier the next couple of days (at least relative to the last two days!), so hopefully the drive won’t be too bad for her.

I think I speak for everyone when I say I’m glad to hear it’s not too warm for you to be running around the house in your underwear. None of us needed that mental image.

I live on a sailboat, so weeks surrounded by nothing but water isn’t a big deal.

But pity the next person I talk to when I get to land, because I’ve got weeks of yappin all saved up ;^)

I used to listen to one of the local NPR stations in the morning – I think KPLU came in better where I was – and between Morning Edition segments, there were traffic reports. Rain causing slowdowns, snow causing nightmares, then one day in April, "traffic is slow on 520 (into Redmond, I presume) because drivers are getting the sun in their eyes.

So there you have it, weather is irrelevant. No one in the area knows how to drive. At all. Ever. (And I can attest.)

Bully for you. Portland/Vancouver drivers have no clue on how to drive. Period.

So maybe it’s just today and tomorrow. SO made it to her destination. She may decide to just come up when the truck is loaded, rather than hanging out down there.

Tell her to take her time and be safe.