Three years free webhosting: Is this a good deal?


Here is what you get…

…is this a good deal? If so, what sort of quality site would one be able to create using the above? Is the above enough to use to upload songs/video/etc…?

Well, I’m the web hosting queen, having tried a multitude of different hosts just for fun (hey–we all have a hobby) and I am suspicious of this offer. I’ve tried some “too good to be true” web hosting plans, and they never last. I usually end up having to move all my files somewhere else after a few months. Which means downtime for the site while you wait for the new site location to propigate (is that the right term?) and so forth…

I’ve also seen the amusing melodrama of these “free” web hosts. I had one that was bought out by a different host after a few months. The “new” owner sent out a bulk email, informing us all that they were running the hosting company now, which policies had changed, yadda yadda. Then I got an email from the “old” owners, saying that the “new” hosts took over through deceit and they were not the “real” owners, and to not believe anything they said.

Back and forth, back and forth–emails from both “old” and “new” owners, both vying for our loyalty, both urging us not to believe the other–it was very funny, let me tell you. And it didn’t concern me too much, since I’d already pulled my site out of there and moved it to a pay hosting plan (which has been rock solid for about 2 years now).

Also, usually when one of these “free” hosts is bought out (and I’ve seen this happen several times), the new owners immediately start charging for your hosting. So you’re stuck. Pay up or get out.

But, do what you like. Just keep backup files of everything (I’m sure you do that) and be careful about giving them your credit card. So far (as far as I know) no one’s used my credit card for nefarious reasons, but these “free” web hosting places crop up all the time and who knows who these people are?