Throat burning during/after intense cardio exercise

What causes it? Does it ever go away?

I always thought it was because I smoked cigarettes, but I quit 5 months ago and I’ve been working out more consistently than ever and it’s still there. The colder it is outside, the worse it gets, but it happens in even warm weather.

Are you drinking anything around then?

Are you drinking anything around then?

If I’m biking I carry a water bottle on my bike. I don’t drink when I swim or run.

I’m not calling you a mouth breather :smiley: but are you breathing through your mouth? Maybe your throat is drying out?


Uhh, yeah, a little. I mean, I try not to, but it happens.

Cisco, I’m quite an active person and have been through many ups and downs in my fitness so I think I’m qualified to answer your question. If you are anything like me, the throat burning is the result of your body trying to get more oxygen into your bloodstream than your lungs/throat can take in. I think it might be lactic acid. I sometimes get this feeling after my yearly winter hibernation when I first start training for summer competitions. It quickly goes away after I regain some aerobic fitness. To verfiy this question, are you overweight for your height? A quick and easy way to tell if you are overweight is if you are a man and you have any sort of round belly.

Heartburn, maybe? Maybe the stomach acid is getting joggled into your throat.

It’s definitely not heartburn. I have that, too, so I know this isn’t it.

Nah, I’m 6’4", 190lbs. Flat-bellied.

I get it when I try to run. I always assumed it was my entire respiratory system screaming at me.

Old joke, with a point.

Doc, doc, whenever I have sex with my wife my tongue goes numb? What could be the problem?
(Much guessing ensues.)
Answer. Exercise plus numbness spreading to an extremity is a warning sign of a heart attack.

Paul in Saudi, I am doubly confused. Do you mind explaining a) the joke and b) the point? I seriously don’t understand what you mean, or find any funny joke therein.

I’m glad someone else didn’t get it either. I didn’t even know how to reply.

Sorry if I am being obtuse.

The idea is the riddle, poser whatever provokes increasingly silly and obscene responses, but in fact has a perfectly ordinary answer. While we all know chest pain radiating to one of the limbs in a sign of a heart attack we do not usually consider the neck and head to be included in the symptom, which it is in this case.

As for being funny (as opposed to instructive), I guess you had to be there. Or, alternatly, I guess you have to be a board-certified hypochondriac (as I am).

I understood you, Paul. I read about it in my copy of The Hypochrondriac’s Guide to What You Probably Already Have.

I, too, get the burning throat on aerobic exercise, too. I hope we find out what it is. I don’t like what the Hypochrondriac’s Guide has to say on the topic.

Eet’s not a toomah