Thundercats hooooooooo!

The cats are coming back! There is a video link at the bottom of the article, and it’s looking good to me.

Interesting premise, to follow them later in their lives once they’ve rebuilt their civilization.

But, I’ve gotta say… that’s a hell of a lot of reproducing that gang did (well, plus what, 3 Thundarians?). Where did all of the cat soldiers come from?! Cheetara must have been working overtime!

I don’t think it is a sequel, but more of a remake. The younger prince was Lion-O, I think.

My 8 year old self just had a joygasm.

Yes. Apparently Thundera is now a kingdom of Third Earth that gets destroyed, instead of a whole planet.

Well, that’s a different perspective on “Thundercats hooooooooo!”

For some reason, Thundercats never appealed to me. I’m not sure why; it seems like the sort of thing I would have watched, but maybe I was just a little too old when I first saw it. Even so, I might give the new series a look, just out of curiousity.