Thursday Next

Any other Jasper Fforde/Thursday Next fans here?

But I haven’t read the most recent one yet (can’t remember the title at the moment), just through The Well of Lost Plots. I can’t wait to start working, get paid and be able to go buy the newest one. Or, find out if the library in my new town has it so I can read it even sooner. :slight_smile:

Perhaps the poster who chose the name thursday next?

I was vaguely disappointed with The Well of Lost Plots, mostly because of the disconnect between the biblioverse and what passes for the “real world” in the series.

I do plan on picking up Something Rotten at earliest convenience.

Me! But I haven’t read Something Rotten yet because I don’t want to buy it in hardcover. I may give in, though.


I’m nearly finished with #3, and I’m waiting til I move to England (in a month) before I pick up #4.

I think I liked the second one the best so far, but it is such a fun series!

Me! But ditto on the not owning Something Rotten, largely due it it being a hardback.

I really enjoyed book #1, The Eyre Affair, but find that I am not as into the later two books - I haven’t figured out why; it maybe because I am not “connecting” with Thursday as a protagonist. I like her smarts and pluck, but for some reason she doesn’t have enough - what, three-dimensionality? richness? heck, I don’t know - as a character to really pull me in.

Having said that, I read the books faithfully because I appreciate the premise and the effort on fforde’s part and wich there was more books like this…

Actually, this begs another thread - books you read because you appreciate the intent and effort of the author…I’ll get right on it.

I just finished Something Rotten, and I will say that it is the best since the first book. I can also say that this is mainly due to a return to the “real world”. I was very disappointed in “Well of Lost Plots” and, indeed, in the whole biblioverse concept. Note that the book is a special edition, packaged with deleted scenes and extra features.

I read the first one after my sister bought it, and enjoyed it. But I’m not likely to shell out any money for the others, simply because I read the first one in less than a day. I won’t spend more than about $5 for that much entertainment.

I’m glad to see some response here because no one I know has ever heard of them. I guess I don’t read the right threads because I’d not noticed that there’s a Thursday Next on the board.

I started with the second book because I saw it at Costco and it intrigued me. Reading the first book after that was a bit of a disappointment.

The third is now out in paperback so I have it but haven’t started it yet. I’m saving it as airplane reading next week.

Do you find them as difficult to describe to others as I do?

I’ve read the first two, and just got the third one today, and it’s near the top of my To Read Soon pile. And I’ll have to go back and reread the others some time, just to catch everything that I might have missed or didn’t fully appreciate the first time through.

The thing is, Fforde has, if anything, too many ideas. The books are crammed with enough premises and conceits and plotlines and gimmicks for at least half a dozen books. Instead, he could have picked one or two (say, protagonist enters works of classic literature to do detective/secret-agenty type work), structured his book(s) around it, and fully developed it for all it was worth—this might result in a book/series that was better in some ways, worse in others, but without the actual books’ manic charm (and certainly easier to describe to people).

Anyway, I hope he keeps on writing them.

Big Jasper Fforde fan here, I’m guessing everyone’s surprised. :wink: I first heard about him while reading the weekend section of the paper, and the poor guy who wrote the article couldn’t place the book in any one category, so I knew it was on my must look into list (this also led to The Girl with the Pearl Earring and The Red Tent). Anyway, after devouring the first book, which was a first edition, I loaned it to a friend who promotly removed the cover, because it annoyed him. In the end it was stained and torn. An itsy bitsy hissy fit was thrown. He made it up to me by buying an autographed UK first edition. I got my revenge when he read the second book and called me screaming: you didn’t tell me Havisham was in it! Muhwhahahaha. I have the third book, but since it’s a signed first ed I haven’t read it yet. I literally stumbled onto the new one a few days ago and felt totally out of the loop. Unfortunately, I have a stack of books as tall as I am to go through first. At least I have something to look forward too. :wink:

Does anyone have any of the postcards that you can only get at the Fforde signings? They’re pretty neat.

I think I must have one of these t-shirts

My daughter told me about these, but I’ve only read the first two so far. As she pointed out, the more widely you’ve read, the funnier they are (so you can recognize characters like the Little Prince). Great books.

Me! Me! I love, love, love Fforde. Probably because I was a word-wonk writing major, and Jane Eyre is my second favorite book in the whole danged world. (See here for my first.)