Tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic.... Not my clock, my hard drive!

I just got a new HD, first new HD I have ever owned (yay me!).

It is a little faster than my previous one, and a LOT bigger.
Went from 4200 to 5400 and from 4 to 40 gigs. It is a Hitatchi 5K80 2,5" presently residing in an IBM Thinkpad, x21. I have had it in about 2 days now.

It has started saying tictictictictictictictictictictictictictictictictictictictictic after being on for a while, I asked IBM if the x21 could handle 5400 before I bought it, and the guy told me that I didn’t need to worry about heat considerations (he sounded a little TOO unconcerned, but anyhow…).

So, what is the problem here do you think? And what are my options? Cooling isn’t much of an option as it is a laptop.

A one time bump, go on you know you want to tell me :smiley:

Why do you think that it’s a temperature problem?

Hard drives making a ticking sound could be a very bad thing. Backup anything that you can’t live without.


Just an idea…

Check your BIOS settings and/or update your BIOS if possible.

When I installed a second hard drive in my PC I had all sorts of trouble because I had a really funky BIOS version. When trying to work around the problems, at one point one of the drives started making a constant tick, tick, tick which didn’t sound like a good thing. Since I couldn’t find an updated BIOS for my computer I ended up getting a PCI adapter card for the new drive. No funky noises anymore.

Not sure, somone mentioned before that theirs was ticking because of heating issues? How do you mean “very bad thing”? I don’t have anything to back up, only got the HD two days ago roughly.

I can look into the BIOS question, would like to hear other suggestions too though. Could it take a little time for it to “settle in” since it is new?

Download and run the Hitachi Drive Fitness Test. If it fails, return the drive under warranty.

The only time I hear my dard disks clicking is when they’re about to die - the infamous ‘click of death.’