Ticketed for flashing headlights... (video)

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I can assure you Florida Highway Patrol has an active policy to cite drivers who warn others of police radar. I just go popped earlier this month. The officer did not know that I had the entire incident recorded (video and audio). A link to the stop is here:


For those that think officers don’t have the time or motivation to go after petty ‘crimes’ like this, let me remind you - the two FHP cruisers in this stop did over 102 MPH to catch me within 1 minute of me turning my headlights on and off.

There are many pro-law websites where LEO really talks nasty about the practice “I’d have them arrested for obstruction. The charge won’t stick, but they’ll get a free ride”… or “it’s a gift that keeps on giving” referencing the insurance rate increase.

They take it very personally - that it’s disrespectful. They then have a score to settle. One even states with pride “I’ve let speeders go to get the punk that’s warning people”… fellow posts agree.

That being said, in my video, I 'm accused of IMPROPER USE OF HIGH-BEAMS. The trooper refused to listen to my explanation (bogus or not), and insisted I used my brights. When I tried to show the difference in intensity between off/on and on/brights, he got even more offended.

The points all of you have made regarding speech issues, I think, are the most legitimate. The statute with which I was cited 316.2397.7 forbids the use of ‘flashing lights’ on normal vehicles. Just as in the Kirtland Hills case cited above, the term “flashing lights” refers to a type of light - not the act of “flashing one’s lights”.

The trooper is trying to prevent others from communicating. That’s a no-no. Court date has not been assigned yet.

I have submitted this to the ACLU under free speech infringement - though I’ve heard nothing back. Also, you may notice that when I asked the Trooper “What is illegal with warning other motorists” he did not answer the question. Quick answer: It isn’t.

Like to hear comments.


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