Tickets for a show only on my phone?

Going to a show tonight and ticketbastard says I cannot print tickets. I have to use my phone to show tickets. This is OK for me but maybe not everyone.

Is this a new thing this year? I have not seen it before.

Interesting. This is the first I’ve seen phone-only tickets. I’ve seen them as an option for quite some time now, but not that way. Knowing my luck, my phone would run out of batteries right when I need to show it to the attendant. :slight_smile: (Which did actually happen to me in a parking garage once when I had one of those scan-to-get-in-and-out parking tickets. Luckily, I did have my charger in the car with me [I don’t always], so I had to sit pat for about 10 minutes before the phone came back to life.)

I hope I don’t have to go to a concert with phone-only tickets, because I don’t think it’d work on my flip-phone.

I go to one or two live music events a week on average. It’s been an option for years, of course, but I’ve started to see “mobile device only” shows crop up this year. I don’t know what the hell someone would do if they don’t have a smartphone.

email said if you have problems bring your ID to box office , I assume they will print tickets for you.

If the event uses a laser scanner to scan a barcode the smart thing to do is take a screenshot of the barcode so when you get there you can pop it up really fast. You can also take a screenshot of your seating section so that it’s easy to access and read. There’s no reason why the scanner can’t scan your barcode off a piece of paper. Maybe they’re just trying to save lots of pieces of paper. This becomes awkward when you have multiple guests with one ticket holder. It’s a good idea to send each person a copy of his ticket to have on the phone in case you get separated. You can also send a picture of your ticket to anybody else you want who doesn’t have as good a section as you. All this can be done by printing your ticket on a piece of paper.

If you show up to a venue without your cell phone and without anything printed on a piece of paper, you might get lucky and be able to get into the event just with your ID. The will call section will just look up your ticket instead of scanning it. Then you’re in. Some venues only require ID so it’s awkward when you show up without yours. If you walk up to will call and say my friend so-and-so sold me his ticket, but you have no proof, this is going to be more difficult.

Any venue is trying to prevent fraud by keeping people from just copying their tickets or emailing them to everybody.

surprised they don’t charge extra for this but maybe that’s next year

Right now Ticketmaster charges extra for anything BUT mobile tickets. I’ve used them successfully for a few musicals over the last year. You just need to make sure your phone is charged and working. I’m not sure what I’d do if I lost my phone or it died the day before a show, though.

did not see any issues at the show , I assume people with problems went to the box office to get printed tickets there, hopefully for free.

It was Bill Maher if you are curious.

I had assumed this was to make sure they could also retain a piece of the profits from people reselling tickets. Since there is no physical ticket to hand over when you sell your tickets, Ticketmaster will have to charge you a fee to transfer it to someone else’s phone.