Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright. Texas Scared Both Day & Night.

In Atascosa County, Texas, a tiger is loose, killing calves, dogs & wildlife.


Apparently, it’s still out there.

Who’s for a camping trip in the Wild West? :wink: :smiley:

I’ve always dreamed of giving tigers a habitat in some South American jungle.

Could be worse–could be a Liger

Texans leaving Atascosa County:

Texans streaming into Atascosa County:


A good snare or leghold trap ought to work fine. TX has plenty of trappers. Some quite experienced with Mountain Lions and probably even some with Mexican Wolf and Jaguar experience.

Of course the solution will be to kill it. After all the darn things were supposed to be extinct in the wild by 2005. Texas isn’t even their wild so they shouldn’t be there at all.

[sub]In case there’s any doubt, yes, I am being sarcastic. C’mon, I identify with a cartoon coyote, who do you think I’m really rooting for?[/sub]

One of the common reasons I’m always packin when I leave the house.


Sounds like someone’s exotic pet got loose.

They should have kept the tiger in an apartment.

Hold that Tiger, hold that Tiger, hold that Tiger, hold that Tiger!

Apple system 10.4 has been released and is known as Tiger!