Tiger wins his 6th individual event in a row. A record?

Like the title says. Any other golfer win 6 individual strokeplay events in a row before?

Nope. The recently departed Byron Nelson won 11 in a row.

Wow. That’s a few!

Though Tiger’s achievement is probably more impressive, given the amount of talent in the competition compared to back then.

Agreed with the rex. Lord Byron won a lot, but the talent pool was more shallow. However, it’s like shooting 66 on a short municipal course: it’s still a hell of an accomplishment any way you slice it. If you belittle it, go out there and show me you can do better.

Tiger is amazing and if he never existed, we’d be talking about Phil Mickleson with the same reverence and air.
Okay, maybe not the SAME reverence, but relatively close to it.

Additionally, I don’t want to hear ANYONE say that it’s not his 6th in a row because of the Ryder Cup. That’s complete bullshit and I’ll have none of that, y’hear?

I can’t agree with that. Phil has three majors, the same number as Vijay Singh and Ernie Els, and one more than Retief Goosen. I think those guys would have taken a healthy share of the Majors if Tiger was not around.

I don’t think any of them would come close to approaching Tiger-like reverence.

At least one of those was a team event. (I wanted to provide more detail, but I’m having trouble finding a list of the 11.)

Nelson won eighteen events that year, including the only major. And he was second seven times.

I always assumed that the only reason he could have done this was that all of his competition was in the service and he was playing against guys like Pete Gray of the St. Louis Browns. (Look him up.)

But apparently not so.

Yeah, not to take anything away from Tiger’s amazing accomplishments, but I’d put money on Snead and Hogan against just about any of the folk nipping at Tiger’s heels these days.

Was reading this a.m. that in Tiger’s mind, the streak was broken when he lost in the Match Play competition before the Ryder - but that doesn’t count against the streak because it wasn’t a PGA event.

Tho the competition may be deeper these days, Tiger certainly has advantages Byron never would have dreamed of. Equipment companies tailor-making balls and clubs for him, a crowd of people caring for his every need, multiple coaches, private jets, the ability to play in only a few events, any comfort money can buy. Of course, Tiger has increased stresses given the media spotlight these days.

Always tough to compare across eras. No question about it, tho - Tiger is amazing and before he is done there will be no question that he will have been the greatest golfer ever (except for his inexplicable vanishing act in the Ryder!)