Tiger Woods and the Barbie Dolls.

My wife who works for a Zellers department store (Canadian) just reported to me that a Tiger Woods doll was discovered in the middle of a display of Barbie dolls. :smiley:

Once again, art imitates life.

There just has to be a joke in there, but I can’t quite think of it. I will find it but in the mean time:

You hear that Ping came out with a new set of irons named “Elins”? You can beat Tiger with them.

Hey, and Wow! I’ve been looking for Tiger Woods dolls since March last year, and haven’t found as many as I’d hoped in the larger sense. S’up with that?

That’s because you were looking in the action figure section, not the getting action, figure section.

That’s funny. :slight_smile: Someone has a clever sense of humour.

Comfort and peace to your wife–Zellers is not a fun place to be in December!

Barbie’s Dream Home and Tiger’s Broken Home sold separately.