Tigers in limbo waiting for Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera got busted for drunk driving almost 2 weeks ago, His car was smoking by the side of the road when the police pulled up. he was drinking out of a whisky bottle and was very nasty to the police. He refused the breathalizer. So he was arrested. That is what has been reported.
Now we wait to see if he will play ball this season, go to a short rehab, of be sent off for a long rehab by the court. Could the team provide him with an onboard therapist to work with him while he plays?
I see there are lots of legal ramifications, but when will a decision be made and by who?

The Tigers aren’t in limbo on anything - Cabrera is currently in Spring Training.

He’s going to have some kind of treatment supervised by the player’s association, and he’ll be arraigned on March 16 for DUI and resisting arrest, including chugging Scotch in front of the cop who pulled him over.

Will he have to go to jail? If so,will it be during the season? Court date , I think is March 14th.
He says it was not alcoholism, but a mistake.


His court date is the 16th. Good luck for him. He can still celebrate St. Patricks day.

All kidding aside, the evidence says this is a guy with a real problem. He’s got tons of money and this is the second time he’s found himself in court because he was not just drunk, but totally shithammered. Supposedly he went through rehab and quit drinking after that incident at the end of the season in 2009.

In my state, a second DUI conviction within 5 years is mandatory jail time…up to 10 days, I think–been a few years since I dealt with those kinds of cases.

A third DUI conviction within 5 years is a felony, and can result in prison time.

He doesn’t have a prior conviction that I know of. In the other incident, he got staggering drunk, fought with his wife, and was taken away by the cops. I don’t think he was ever charged with anything.

Anyone else thought this title was about Tiger Woods stuck behind a slow-playing Angel Cabrera on the golf course (which was odd because Cabrera plays very fast while Tiger is one of the slowest players on tour)?


BTW, Tiger Woods is not a slow player. His group got warned once and he said some stuff that caused a controversy, but it was because he was paired with Padraig Harrington, who is one of the slowest players in golf, if not the slowest.

Cabrera got a get out of jail free card the first time. But the story included hints that management had covered up or was aware of previous incidents. He can really hit a baseball and plays decent defense. They will do anything to keep him on the field.
I do not know how much responsibility an organization has for their athletes. Is his personal life any business of theirs?

I googled Florida DUI’s penalties and it doesn’t look like jail time is common for a first offender. Looks like he’ll get a small fine, probation, some community service, a driver license suspension, and have his car immobilized for 10 days. I’m sure Florida is used to a lot of out of state visitors getting busted there so I’m not sure if they swap out of some the annoyance penalties for some extra fine $$$.

His first public incident was not a DUI. The cops were called to his home by his wife. He was triple the limit but still got home. It was a spousal abuse problem, exacerbated by lots of booze.

No doubt Detroit is looking at alternatives at 1B, though.

Damn shame, really.

There is talk on a season long rehab.

Some more details about Cabrera’s brush with the law.

Definitely bad manners.

He was way crazy that night. I do not know if the new allegations can be ignored.