Tiling A Bathroom Floor

I would like to redecorate my bathroom-is it possible to tile OVER the existing tile floor? I really would like to avaoid the mess of ripping up a 55-year-old tiled floor (it is in very good condition), Can I simply lay a new floor over the old?:confused:

That could work for a while but you will have problems. The floor will be quite a bit higher than it is now so it will not match up well with the flooring outside the bathroom. Plus, the original tile is old and as it fails it will cause the new tile to break up fast. The old tile will eventually start separating from the subfloor and that will cause the new tile to flex and crack (I’m talking years here, it’s not going to do this after just a few weeks unless there is something REALLY wrong). I usually only see this done by people that want the bathroom to look good while they sell the house, it is usually not done by people that intend to live in the house for a while. But as I said, it can work and can be made to look nice.

Yep, plus the door would have to be cut if the floor gets too high, you won’t be able to
swing the door in.

I can’t believe I’m suggesting this, but…

If you’re determined to have a new floor, and

if you’re determined not to disturb the old tile:

you could glue a new 3/4 inch plywood subfloor over the existing tile using construction adhesive. Or maybe tile mastic. Whatever you can find that will adhere to the tile glazing (good freaking luck). Then put your new finished floor on that. I wouldn’t suggest tile - it will crack at the joints between the plywood panels. But vinyl would probably be okay.

Let me tell you, this is really not good construction practice. Tile is so rigid, and the glaze so slick, that the adhesive will likely fail over time as the plywood expands and contracts and the tile below does not. Your new floor will crack and heave. It’ll be a mess.

Do yourself a favor: either bite the bullet and rip up the old tile, or leave it as is.

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Are you talking vinyl tile, or ceramic tile?

Some options:
If the existing surface is in good shape…you could put a “perimeter-glue” vinyl sheet down. It is a sheet vinyl, you could get one that has the texture and look of ceramic tile. It only glues around the edges and at seams.

If you want to put vinyl tile down…you need to either rip out the old vinyl, and the old subfloor, or put a new sheet of subfloor (4x8 luan, for example) down for the new vinyl. This is done quite a bit, you just need to check door clearances(perhaps shave the door some), and get the appropriate transition piece to match up the new floor to the one in the hall.

If you want to use ceramic tile, you need to put concrete board down first.

If you have never put any subflooring down before, I would pay someone to do it. Any imperfection will show up in your new vinyl floor. Any imperfection will, after time, crack ceramic tile.

I ran a floor covering store for 2 years while I was in college…your problem is a very common one.