"Till Death Us Do Part" (British TV Series)

Our library had some DVDs of old British sitcoms like “Man About The House,” (man “Threes Company” stole the plots nearly word for word from that show. Yeah I know it’s based on that show, but exact lines??? :))

Anyway one of them they had was “Till Death Do Us Part” which the sitcom “All In The Family” is based on.

OK I have now seen 8 episodes of this. It’s HORRIBLE. I didn’t find anything in it funny or really anything that will even basically pass for entertainment.

I don’t know perhaps I was thinking it would be more like “All In The Family.” I used to enjoy the old “Brit-coms” they had on my PBS station in the 70s, like “No Honestly.” but this was bad.

So question to those of you that have seen the series, did you like it?

Saw it on TV when it originally aired

Very much a product of its time You have to appreciate the social and political context that the Alf Garnett character appeared in in 1960s Britain - but it is relentless satire, more in the form of a play than sit com - not laugh a minute and probably went on too long -it’s the character of Alf Garnett rather than the series that struck a chord but it was and remains pretty grim and depressing viewing .


Tony Booth’s (who played the son) daughter , married Tony Blair