Till Human Voices Wake Us

Saw this movie on DVD the other day and really quite liked it. For interests sake only, I have been reading a couple of reviews on the net. I have so far read two, neither are good ones. This is cool, I understand that what I like, some other people might not like.

What I find odd though, is that both reviews describe the film pretty much as a ghost story, also they describe “flashbacks”.

I, personally, didn’t see it as a ghost story. I came to the conclusion at the end of the film that Ruby actually didn’t exist at all outside of Sam’s imagination. I saw it more as Sam’s return to the town provoking memories and forcing him to confront something he’d been avoiding for years.

Also, the DVD version didn’t seem to contain any “flashbacks”. The first third/half of the film was Sam and Silvy as children up until the accident. Then the latter part of the film was Sam and Ruby as adults, I don’t remember any flashback type techniques used at all.

Who else here has seen the film? What did you think of it? How did you interpret it? Did it contain flashbacks or was it a tale of two halves told in chronological order?