Tim "Left Behind" LaHaye strikes again!

I just saw a display of a new novel “co-written” by LaHaye and some other hack. Titled Babylon Rising it’s the “breathtaking and exciting” story of an archeaologist who discovers some sort of “significant” find that signals a countdown to the end of the world. The jacket blurb says it is the first of a new(shiver) series, and will deal with prophecies that were not included in Left Behind.

Sounds like LaHaye is worried his LB cash cow is about milked dry, even though the last LB title isn’t out yet. I wonder if this series will have the same…ummm…quality the first one did?

“Afterschool specials for Jesus”, I heard em called.

“If only I’d loved Jesus, now locusts wouldn’t be eating my flesh.”

I guess when 2000 passed with nary a whimper–much less an Apocalypse–they started to get worried.

Don’t tell me … it’s that stupid deep drilling hole where witnesses supposedly heard the groans of people down in Hell, right?

I don’t know tracer. All I read was the jacket, then I put the book down. I was concerned someone I knew might see me looking at it and think I liked it!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’d like try the first few Left Behind stories just for shits and giggles but I’m WAY too afraid to even check them out of the library.

Hell, I’d check out Mein Kampf before I’d check these out.

I OPed a thread at The Pizza Parlour to get some idea of the series, and got a very mixed review. What most said was that it okay a best as far as semi-entertaining fiction, but that the theology behind them was like an off center fundie idea, and fairly offensive to some.

10 points to whoever posts the username of someone from here who liked them. Pretty much told me what I needed to know about them…

OK, don’t post the names of guesses. But, if you’ve been here long enough, you know of whom I may or may not be speaking.

Wow, this Bicardi 151 has a kick!
…it was okay at best as far as…

Wait, this * isn’t[i/] part of the series? And here I’ve been praying he’s just get the goddamn end of the world over with for chrissake.

But then god doesn’t hear the prayers of heathens who use “goddamn” and “chrissake” in casul conversation…

Although the idea of ANOTHER series by him strikes me as proof that there is no god.

If there is a god, I’m sure he’s laughing hysterically at this guy.

Better yet, check them at the same time as Mein Kampf and see what kinda looks you get.

Lsura, I like the way you think!

Hmmm, now THERE’S an idea!

Oh, and maybe I should toss in The Joy of Sex, a book by David Icke, The Turner Diaries, and Dianetics or whatever you call the $cientology religious tome.

I read about the first 50 pages of Left Behind. Not knowing anything about it at the time.

50 pages too much.

And I spent money on it too…

Hey, what’s wrong with The Joy of Sex?

Nothing! But don’t you think the combination would raise some eyebrows?


Psst …

Tim LaHaye doesn’t actually write the Left Behind series. He studies the scriptures and gives the notes to Jerry Jenkins, who actually comes up with the storylines and writes the book.

So where does his part come in, then, SnoopyFan? The babble that’s int he left-behind doesn’t seem to be recognizably scriptural. But then again, for a book that’s based on a concept that’s based on the twisting of one passage that’s been taken out of context and contradicts everything else int he Bible in the sense that it’s displayed; I guess that it’s alright. Eh…whatever…

Wow…I really need to review my posts before I submit them.

I’ve been hoping someone would write a parody with a title like Leave Me Behind, Please!.