Time cube?

I was just informed of this site by a friend of mine. It seems to be not much more than annoying rant, but this guy is offering 1000 bucks to anyone who can prove him wrong. I am lacking the interest and probably the ability to do so thoroughly, however, so I’m handing it over to the relatively infinite intellect of the SDMB. Have fun.

This entire pages reeks of stupidity.

Random quotes:
[li]Teachers ignore Time Cube. Teachers deserve a hanging.[/li][li]God is a word masturbation.[/li][li]Truth about Santa Claus debunks Santa God. God evolves from Santa.[/li][li]Educated people are stupid cowards.[/li][li]Your own people will kill you to prevent this ‘Forbidden Truth Cube’ from ever being known.[/li][li]GOD IS CORNERED AS A QUEER.[/li][li]God = Hate of Children.[/li][li]You Word-Murder Your Children.[/li][/ul]

If this was the pit I would tell this guy to go f*ck himself, so I’ll be nice. Disprove his theory? Not gonna waste my time.

…but I can tell he’s a loon.

Looks like he’s saying that at the same time you experience Sunrise there is a Sunset, Midnight, and Noon occurring on the earth.

Woo frickin’ Hoo.

sniffles I think I’m gonna cry…Catalyst finally posted a thread all by his self…bursts into tears

Relatively infinite intellect…damn, I’m proud of us…or should I be insulted? Wait…no…confused


My head hurts. Read the main page of the web site. No idea about what Gene Ray is trying to talk about.
Night night fellow dopers
Congrats on starting this Catalyst

I was gonna post some sort of “do-a-search-before-you-post” admonishment, but I just spend 30+minutes trying to find the thread I’m thinking of, and I can’t.

So I’ll settle for saying, this has been discussed on the board before. Recently. Anyone else remember the thread about this page, and Alex Chiu’s “magnetic resonance” thing? I can’t find it. I was pretty sure it was MPSIMS, maybe the Pit… but I can’t find it anywhere.

Anyway, I love this site… Many good one-liners. I’ve got a link to it on my homepage, it amuses me so much.

Here’s my favourite:

Yes, sir, I do.


I’m writing this guy a lengthy e-mail about why I would not believe him (using examples from the site). He’s trying to screw with peoples heads, here’s a little backlash.

and, though i am not a doctor, i can say with certanty…

someone needs to reduce their crack intake.

It’s only $1,000.00 to 1st person to disprove Time Cube.

Think of how much crack cocaine that would buy!

And I thought I was nuts. . .