Time-Life findie compilation - why the heavy promoion?

Just curious – how old are you? Guitar masses were common in American Catholic churches in the late 1960s and the 1970s. You act like you’ve never heard of such a thing.

Here’s Dorothy Day praising guitar masses in The Catholic Worker in 1967. Meanwhile, this Catholic music catalog complains, “[W]e have been so immersed in the cacophony of ‘guitar Masses’ that we might not realize what beautiful and spiritual music we could make on [the guitar].” And Time magazine remembers the day the (organ) music died. That might have been the day Sister Janet Mead’s folk-rock setting of The Lord’s Prayer hit #4 on the Billboard Top 40 Chart.

They still play a lot of it. :wink:

Actually, they sang one of the songs from the Time-Life compilation at Mass a couple of weeks ago – I recognized it from the commercial. It starts “Lord, I lift your name on high…” They actually do this sort of music often, I guess to appeal to a congregation of college students.

Although I’ve certainly played the guitar at Mass (as far back as 2001 ;)), I’m not a fan of contemporary Christian pop. If I want to listen to spiritually uplifting music, I’ll get out my Renaissance motets. Mmmmmmm, Palestrina…

You mean like Dan Schutte?

That’s not really “pop”, though, or “Christian Rock”, that’s more folk music, for the crunchy-granola liberation theology Catholics.

There’s my high school faculty.

Kind of. I like them, even though I’m muuuuuch more out that loop than I used to be. I was deep in it.

And yes, the rest of you, anything that you don’t do or identify with is stupid. Exactly. Every person getting into a “religious” song is a brain dead idiot. It’s amazing how spot on you are.

Sniff sniff…what’s that smell?

That’s odd, I swear I smell something…

oooooh, it’s SARCASM

Nice Cardinal!

I must confess that I have just recently achieved the ripe old age of 25. And yes, this is the first I’ve heard of guitar masses, though as I said, I grew up in a very traditional church. I tend to feel like if the church tried it, someone’s legs would have gotten broken.

I’m glad other people are finally coming around to this. It’s taken me long enough, but the lessons are beginning to sink in.

Huh. Guess you shouldn’t ever go to/watch a concert by Elton John. Or the Rolling Stones. Or Billy Joel. Or Aerosmith. Or Britney Spears…

'Cause you know what you’ll see? Thousands of people…singing along with this strange, glazed look on their faces.

And I don’t want you getting scared again.

Yeah. A person experiencing a connection with God while surrounded by thousands of brothers and sisters in faith is FAR more hilarious than women flashing their breasts and tossing their panties to Steven Tyler.

::Bows with a flourish:: Glad to prove your predicion out. 'Coz i’m nothing if not predictable when it comes to calling out jerks when they get together to ridicule people of faith.

The only true “Christian” music concert I’ve been to was Lost and Found. Their biggest claim to fame is that their song Lions won The 1998 John Lennon Songwriting Contest Grand Prize in the Gospel/Inspirational category.
[sup]Coz it rawkz!—[/sup]:cool:

The show was a great time (though I’m sure that at some point during it I adopted some sort of “scary” glazed look…Probably when my best friend and I were not doing the “Lutheran White-boy Shuffle” in the aisles.)

Maybe there’s hope yet :).

I’m ridiculing people who make stupid faces. I also like to laugh at the faces that the women on the Girls Gone Wild commercials make when they’re flashing their tits. That doesn’t mean I’m ridiculing all wild girls.

People in this thread have poked fun at the attendees of the concerts. Nobody made a blanket statement about all Christians. Nice of you to make that assumption and call us all jerks, though. :rolleyes:

No, they’ve also made fun of anyone getting into the songs at an actual church service, where the point is supposed to be connecting with Almighty God.

You don’t have to believe the way they do, but I don’t believe that this would be tolerated if people were saying, “Man, those Hasidic Jews look like the biggest morons with those curls and yarmulkes. I laugh and laugh.”

Oh, you know it. I attended Catholic schools and I had to sit through so much awful happy-sensitive granola guitar folk stuff, I started to think James Taylor was the Pope.

I usually say, “Funny…she doesn’t look Druish.” Or whatever other Mel Brooks line comes to mind.

Though if they had a 3 CD set of Klezmer music advertised on TV, I’d probably be laughing my ass off then, too.

IMO, this thread should have been posted to the thread from the the get-go. It seems to be more of a rant than a commentary on music.