Time stamp test

Posting from Chicagoland and seeing how the time stamp comes up. 8:54 pm local time.

Why does it say 10:54?

Presumably in your Edit Options, you’ve somehow set it to Atlantic time GMT-4 (La Paz, Santiago)

I’ve never had an issue with the time stamp being off before. I’m usually posting in NYC area.

ETA Just checked and it’s set to Eastern time with DST automatically detected.

Mine said/says

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Oh, interesting bc mine says last edited at 10:55 PM, and local time was 8:55 PM

Well since it seems to involve time maybe you should see the Doctor? :wink:

Time is such a messy business

You rang?

I’m in the same time zone as Long Island, and it says 9:54 for me (which it should, if it was 8:54 Chicago time). I don’t know why it says 10:54 for you.

Are you using the same device you usually use from Long Island?

Yes, that’s part of what’s so odd about it. It’s the same iPad I use from home, and the time is correct (to local time) on it.


Mine is correct with MST. I’m in Tucson, and the local time is 12:34 PM.

I have mine set for Pacific time with automatic DST detection but the board is still an hour ahead for me.

ITD, are you angling for a new watch from Santa? I have it on good authority he isn’t lurking on the Dope.:wink:

Back in ET. It’s 3:19 PM. Same device and settings since the OP.

ET: Well, now current time is messed up. Weird. Edited at 3:21 ET

Dude, you’re Chronos! You have one job!


ETA: current time 9:25 pm. It’s fixed!