Time to Lauch My Husband

I mean that in a good way.

We decided to take a leap of faith and let him out of the rat race to see if he can make a go of music full time. Originally we thought to wait a couple years until we had finished getting out of debt, but that’s such a trap - it’s like waiting until you can afford a baby to have one. It will never happen if you try to wait until everything is perfect. I have a landed a great job that I love that pays nearly enough to keep us in kibble and keep paying off the existing debts, so why dod we need him to keep a job he would rather not have?

So his job took a turn for the bad recently (wacko boss driving everyone off), and after considering various alternatives, I did the numbers and said the hell with it, we can afford it for several months, why not give it a whirl? Eventually he said yes, so we are now committed. It’s a little scary, but were actually quite excited - he’ll be on the road for most of 4 months and doing heavy promotion before and after that, so with skill, luck, and a break or two, he can be a full-time performer and I can be a patron of the arts! He cut his first CD and is getting good ink from it, so that’s a big ego boost as well.

Anyhow, I’m not inclined to tell my family (they won’t understand the idea of him leaving a well-paying job to become a full-time musician), the cats are unimpressed, and our friends will know eventually, but I wanted to tell someone, so you get to hear about it first.

Oh damn. I just realized I’ll be cleaning the cat boxes for those months. Oh well.

Tons of luck! Can you post a link to a clip?

Yeah let’s hear some!

I take it his group has been signed? If so, his income should be at least adequate, plus anything he saves from his per diem.

If he’s serious about pursuing music as a career, he’d better be able to adapt to many different types of music, and pick them up quickly.

A friend of mine has three kids, and is working as a musician solely for the time being. He has had to constantly re-evaluate his position, but that’s good because that means he and his family aren’t living in a shelter.

I’ve known a ton of people that have been living either “on the road” or “playing locally”. Neither are glamorous, and only the former does a good job of paying the bills.

“Good Money” is reserved for acts that can draw reliably. High-end Jazz combos seem to be able to do so regularly.

I wish your husband the best of luck.

Mrs. Cake, I wish you’d tell us more – where he’s headed, what kind of music he makes. Just a hint?

You are one terrific woman! You will not have a man who wonders for the rest of his life “what might have been…” And you are encouraging him to do what makes him happy. I hope he does the same for you!

Y’all have fun now. And remember that Nashville is not just for country sounds.

wow! Big step. Wishing you both luck and joy in his new career.

Good luck, and I understand your situation. I’m trying the same thing (not music though).

Pretty scary to walk away from a decent job into the unknown. But I do believe luck favors those who are bold.

Only difference with me is that I don’t have any debt besides my mortgage, but I also don’t have a wife with a job. It’s all me, and I’ll see what happens.

I know very few people who regret going out and trying to live their dream, successful or not.
But I know lots and lots of people who regret never going out and trying.

Congrats to both of you, and he is very lucky to have your support!

Thanks everyone - I had a lot of obligations today so this is the first chance I’ve had to get back on the boards.

Yeah, I’m excited - it’s almost like being an expectant father (he’s the one giving birth, I give support and remind him to breathe until he tells me to shut up already). I’ll ask him if he’s okay with me posting a link to his website - it links to others that include samples. I can’t see why not - relentless self-promotion is part of his new job, so the more the merrier. He needs to do some updating on the pages - more pictures, additions to the calendar, that sort of thing, so it is a work in progress.

He’s a solo act - just him and his harp, and while we’re taking some financial risk, it’s not enough to worry me. I’m the money partner, being an accountant by trade, so he’s comfortable if I am. Now it’s all logistics - deciding on what sort small (and cheap) trailer that he can live in for weeks at a time, which festivals to narrow it down to, where to do more local playing, etc. He’s very ready for it and it’s only taking a little bit of shoving to get him out the door.

We do have a little more debt than we are happy about, but I have the payoff matrix set, the credit cards are cut up (except for the emergency card which lives in a drawer), the mortgage is at a fixed rate, and I can get additional contract work if needed, thanks to some of my own relentless self-promotion in the non-profit world, so things are about as secure as they can be in these troubled times.

I do seem to have a spare room and bathroom in the house. Maybe I’ll see if I can rent it out. Just replaced the flooring and was experimenting with paint colors - coral and chocolate brown. Anyone interested?

Okay, he’s okay with posting the website

Enjoy, and only say good things!

Definitely congrats. I took the leap last spring, and while money can be pretty tight, there’s no way I regret it. I’m in a little different boat; playing piano and hiring myself out for a lot of theater gigs, accompaniment for recitals and auditions, etc etc, but still, it’s like I got my life back when I left that cubicle.

I don’t know beans about music, or the entertainment industry, but I think the music is beautiful and he has a great voice.
This is not a criticism, but I have to wonder how many gigs there are for a harpist.
I wish him success.

Lots, actually, and that’s with avoiding all the weddings (he hates playing weddings). House concerts, coffee house gigs, ren fests, folk and world music festivals, storytelling festivals, schools, libraries - he does more than play harp, actually, that’s just the main thing right now. Any place a single acoustic musician can play works, and he has the novelty factor since most are singers with a guitar.

I’m sure there’s enough to pay for itself, now we have to find out if it can pay for itself and enough more to keep him able to pay for another CD, start saving for another harp, cover car repairs as needed and all that. This is where we find out.

I can’t say how much I admire you right now, Mrs. Cake.

14 posts and not a single smart-ass remark about “lauching”?

The Dope has disappointed me today.

But good luck to your husband, Mrs. Cake.

I was hoping no one would notice…

If it makes you feel better, I saw the title and immediately thought “Fire Mrs. Nesbitt!”

All right, if you insist!