Time to Pit the Political Media

I pit both the political media from the left and the right. Here’s why:

The right-leaning: let Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity peddle Birther CTs against Obama (even for my issues with him), spread lies about the Clintons from 1993-now, and led us into Iraq. Gave the world Donald J. Trump, Republican nominee for President.

The left-leaning media: treats anyone who questions transgenderism is a “bigot,” turned Hillary into a neo-con in the 2008 primary so they could nominate Barack Obama instead, promoted Bernie Bolshevik Sanders, spreads distortions about the Jewish State of Israel, tries to downplay radical Islam jihad in some sort of attempt to “avoid war.”

The majority of your complaint isn’t against news agencies but with editorialists masking themselves as news people.

Balanced political coverage went out the window when news ratings and ad revenue became paramount.

You aren’t called bigoted because you’ve had questions about transgenderism, you’re called bigoted because you’ve used vile and hateful language about transgender people (that they’re “repulsive” and “disgusting”).

If you don’t want to be called bigoted, then don’t use bigoted language.

What are you, twelve years old? Jesus fuck.

The unmitigated gall!!!

The “political” was redundant. This is 2016.

Why do you always refer to Israel as “the Jewish state of Israel?”

In what way is Sanders a Bolshevik? Do you know what the goals of the Bolsheviks were? Or do you think Bolshevik/Communist/Marxist/Socialist/Leninist/Stalinist/Trotskyite are pretty much interchangeable?

About as tall as a 12y/o. That’s why he’s going to be forced to date transgendered people.

That’s awful. Think of those poor transgendered people – why should they have to suffer like that?

Derek, are you somehow trying to get on the SDMB’s good side by pulling for the Clintons?

why don’t you read my prior posting history, from last year?

We have, and the evidence is overwhelmingly conclusive; You’re an imbecile.

If I were you, I would be hoping really really hard that people don’t read your posting history.

Derek, are you guy who refers to Barack Hussein Obama? If so, may I ask why?

Just for giggles I clicked View Recent Posts…

I myself am strongly in the pro-Israel camp, yet find this post bizarrely dogmatic.

Just a reminder that our President is not a Real American with a not a Real American name who was born in not America.

And he’s black.

Anyone who thinks things were better in the past is living under a rock of DerekMichaels00 proportions.

You mean he’s gonna stay that color? :eek::eek:

Ya know, I was going to come in and say I hoped that the political media doesn’t post on the Dope, but it doesn’t look like it would have made any difference, in terms of the likelihood of this Pitting blowing up in the OP’s face…