Time to rehabilitate the swastika, loons proclaim


It’s an incremental process. Phase one is to still have the swastika associated with insane beliefs, but insane beliefs that are amusing rather than horrifying.

Bow got Errol Flynn as her Secret Santa.

Hey, even a stopped clock is right now and then…

What if the swastika were made of LOLs? Would that make it a little easier to bring it back to its respectable roots?

My daughter’s school has a swastica on the front gate,

And there is another school here called Red Swastica.

I haven’t read the article, but am in pretty firm agreement that it is time to “reclaim” the Swastica.

Reasoning is two fold
a) It has a far older, deeper meaning than what Hitler did to it
b) By “reclaiming” the Swastica you take it away from neo nazi wankers and strip them of one way to intimidate - which can only be a good thing