Time to rehabilitate the swastika, loons proclaim

Lotsa weirdos out there.

I was going to say merely wanting our cultural symbol which stretches back thousands of years out of the purview of the Nazis isn’t loony, but then I read the article.

Ayup. Lots of crazy people out there.

There are places in the world where the Swastika did not fall out of usage. Mostly the cultures it was hijacked from. When you visit those places, and see the symbol, (or it’s cousin), carved into a centuries out temple, things suddenly snap back into perspective, in a way, I guess.

I don’t believe the ‘taint’ should last forever. Hope that doesn’t make me a loony!

Oh, those Raelians. Do they think the aliens invented the swastika or something? O_o

We’d have to ask Snooki to be sure, but I don’t think it’s a traditional symbol of the Jersey Shore.

You may not have to go far or peer deeply into the past - if you have any Buddhist or Hindu communities in your area, you’ll get used to seeing swastkas on grocery store shelves and restaurant menus pretty quickly.

Heck, to me, the primary association I have with swastikas in day-to-day life is “vegetarian-friendly.”

You know who else was vegetarian?* :wink:

*I’m not making any claim he was friendly, mind you.

This except I would have said a cultural symbol not our :wink:

I wonder if Hitler was just misunderstood. Maybe he was blaming everything on the juice.

I think the Raelian’s might want to work on their public outreach.


I mean, yeah, people who have a good reason to use the swastika shouldn’t necessarily be put off by Hitler, it would be a shame if he permanently appropriated it. But flying a swastika just to fly a swastika is still incredibly offensive.

And it was a very nazi swastika – if you want to start rehabilitating, try starting with something more like an abstract design, a rainbow of flowers in a vaguely pinwheel shape on a red and gold background or something, not a white-on-black iron-cross-like design :slight_smile:

Raelians, they mad.

One of my aunts (born around 1910) had some planter pots in her backyard that had swastikas on them. Freaked me out as a kid in the 70s and 80s. Did I mention that side of the family is Jewish?

This is why gun control is bad. The whole thing would be a moot point if we were allowed to have appropriate weaponry.

Lousy liberals…

“It Girl” Clara Bow agrees! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_G_PFpPtO6og/TKFboKhZCGI/AAAAAAAAAec/7HbUkUGe3io/s1600/Annex%20-%20Bow,%20Clara_42.jpg

Can you tell us anything about the context of this photo?

Hey now, Hitler wasn’t all bad.

After all, he did kill Hitler.

I recall seeing the palace doors (of the last Nepali king) decorated with swastikas.
The Hull, MA city hall had a tile floor with swastikas (they were discovered when the old floors were stripped and cleaned)
The swastika is a very old symbol, predating the Nazis by thousands of years.

I think the only way to rehabilitate the swastika is to let this civilization die off and let some new species rise and use it for some other purpose. Don’t need no stinking aliens.

It was taken ca. 1926, before the Nazis co-opted the symbol.