time to replace democracy with something better...

…and i call it coolocracy!!!

it shall be the ultimate system of government! so ultimate shall it be, it shall have words like ‘punani’ and ‘wicked’ enshrined in its constitution.

the basis of coolocracy is that it’s pretty similar to democracy.

however, there are two major differences:

  1. the leader is determined (by popular opinion, hot or not lists, committee, select clique of those in the know) on the basis of their coolness. hence, whoever is deemed the coolest person in the country becomes leader. in america, there’d be no more george bush, but instead there’d be president snoop dogg. the uk would have president ali g!

for instance.

of course, there would be problems. for some time during the eighties, michael jackson would have been president, but today fame is so fleeting that someone like this would not stay president for long.

  1. the country’s leader is responsible for making the country as cool as possible. he does this by asking himself…

what would be the coolest thing ever?

flying cars
adding wings to all the skyscrapers
turning new mexico into a big inland sea and giving away free summer holidays.
introducing the $13.50 bill
putting the olsen twins on the $13.50 bill.
constructing a really big platform, like 2.4km high, and holding the next olympic games right at the top.
rename argentina ‘beerland’
constructing a big waterslide from miami to mexico city.
cutting spain off the edge of europe and moving it so that it’s an island in the middle of the pacific ocean.
replacing all the buildings in paris with life sized jelly replicas.

and etc.
not only would the world be more entertaining, we’d have flying cars! so come on y’all, kick out them old fuddy-duddy’s in charge around the world. only under a ‘coolocracy’ can we really be excellent to each other.

Are you from Boston, perchance?

>> cutting spain off the edge of europe and moving it so that it’s an island in the middle of the pacific ocean

Better start widening the Panama canal

Well… it looks good on paper.

At least it’s more workable than that communism crap the pinko’s were describing in GD. I don’t like the word “wicked” though. It is too New England-centric. Plus it is simply low class and not cool so it cannot be part of Coolocracy.


With Snoop as president, this means that the Chronic will be legalized. What will this do to the language? Can I forget about punctuation or proper grammar? Do I have to wear a suit? Hell, do I have to wear pants?

Of course, you realize that upon making what is cool the dominant power, it will immediately cease to be cool, and will become sucky. However, since pot will be legalized under President Snoop, most everyone will be too out of it to care.

Vive la revolution!

no not from boston? so ‘wicked’ is new-englany, ay? i’d always figured it as british-homeboy/dj slang or some such.

i had not, however considered the possibility of coolness becoming lame… this is quite worrying. the system of government would either stagnate in a pool of apathy, or some new sort of cool would have to be invented, which would push the establishment to crazier and crazier and cooler and cooler lengths.

i’d prefer the latter myself. we could drain lake superior and fill it with beer. and of course, with all the chronic legalization that prez snoop shall be doing, the world will be a much more peaceable place.

unless there was a corresponding increase in drive-bys.

but drive-bys just ain’t cool.

hmm, i see this revolution thing is turning out to be more than we bargained for. hell, let’s just do what the russians did, and implement it anyway. see how it goes.

oh, and brujo - of course you don’t have to wear pants. pants are not cool. but suits can be. the system is flexible.

Hmmmm…It would be interesting. A president everybody voted for, but nobody liked. Sort of like a high school election.

No wait, EXACTLY like a high school election.
Unless of course, I am voted in. :smiley:

I think we should replace democracy with a totalitarian dictatorship.

With me as the dictator, of course. :wink:

Maybe ninjas should rool in your cool-ocracy. After all, ninjas are sweeet, and by sweeet I mean totally cool! See? www.realultimatepower.com


Damn, try here instead.