Time to start criticizing Jill Biden's wardrobe

Let me just say that if I EVER in my life had or could have legs like that I would totally wear that outfit. Who cares if she’s 69. She looks amazing!

Love that first comment quoted that Melania has more class in her little finger. You mean the Melania who posed nude and did a lesbian photoshoot?

Ha, that Snopes article had a screenshot of a tweet disparaging Jill Biden’s outfit that said “Melania had more class in her little finger”. Yeah, Melania who visited caged immigrant children wearing a jacket that said “I don’t care, do U?”. So classy.

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I don’t know if there’s a term for hose that have a pattern in the weave, but I don’t consider those to be fishnets.

They are called patterned tights. To be more specific, sheer patterned tights.

At least she’s not wearing a tan suit.

I think Joe Biden should put a nice tan suit in his weekly rotation to troll the right-wing echo chamber.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

After Labor Day can you wear a tan suit with fishnets?

Ya know, that whole “no fishnet stockings after Labor Day” rule is just a remnant from an older, more repressed time. Like having a servant take a calling card to a neighbor before you texted them. These days you should be able to wear what you want*, when you want.

(*) Just don’t wear a striped tie with the fishnet stockings - that would be tacky.

Tim Curry is 74 and I bet he could still get away with it.

I don’t think so, either. However, it’s not an indication of class.

It was classy 'cause Melania kept her pinky finger out.

Prevents fisting. Got it.

Yes, as opposed to the “I don’t care, do U?” jacket she wore, which was both wrong AND showed a lack of class.

There was also the ‘wearing a pith helmet on a trip to Africa’ incident, but I can charitably chalk that up to cultural tone-deafness. The “I don’t care, do U?” jacket, on the other hand, was clearly a big ‘F U’ to the world. There’s no way that was an innocent mistake.

She married Trump. Any pretense of “class” she might have aspired to project is ruined by that alone. She’s a caricature of a vapid and callous villain; a Cruela de Ville without the charisma. Her goal in life was to find somebody rich and spend her life contemplating her wardrobe closet and getting though public life as a life-like mannequin. When forced to be a real person, she became resentful and told everyone just what she thought about the world and everyone in it. She’s a sociopath with a great sense of fashion. Nothing more.

Man, those boots. I don’t know how women do it.

:notes: Those boots aren’t made for walkin’…:notes:

psychobunny had it right. Those are patterned stockings. Fishnets are actual netting with bare skin exposed, if minimally. I think her outfit is stylish and appropriate.

Putting Melania and class in the same sentence should cause some kind of cosmic catastrophe.

A world in which fishnets (or whatever these are) are inappropriate at any time is not a world in which I care to live.