Time to start criticizing Jill Biden's wardrobe


Tights are thick, by definition. If the hosery is sheer, it’s stockings or pantyhose, but it cannot possibly be tights.

Everyone, from Neiman Marcus to Target to Forever 21, refers to them as patterned/printed/sheer tights.

My daughter is a dancer and has lots of pairs of tights, none of them thick. Tights are not thick by definition; most tights are very thin. For fun @Bootb look up the definition of tights, I won’t even do it for you.

Didn’t Michelle Obama sport bare arms when she was FLOTUS ??

What the Hell kind of whacked-out, Socialist, Marxist, exhibitionist, hedonistic, Caligula people are you voting for, anyway ???


Dr. Biden looks amazing. Good for her !

It’s truly scandalous when the First Lady displays bare arms. /s

She has every right to do that, it’s protected by the Second Amendment.


Oh, yeah. Stands to reason: she really did have great guns.



A close-fitting, sheer or non-sheer skin-tight garment worn principally by women and girls that covers the body completely from the waist down, usually including the feet.

I want the Good Doctor to be sporting thigh high boots next time and see mass cardiac arrests everywhere in the reichwingosphere.

I’ve been wearing tights for a large number of decades, and they can be just about any thickness.

Also, in the UK, tights refers to just about any type of panty hose-like garment.