Time travel on the SDMB?

For some reason, a whole lot of threads claim that their most recent post was tomorrow night. Is there any way to sort this mess out? What makes this happen?


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Transcending space and time

Has anyone else noticed that a forum will list what appears to be an outdated snapshot of the threads to browse ? You can refresh, things will look normal, enter a thread/topic and return to the main list for that forum and it will be back to the original outdated list. I don’t think it is a cache issue as I haven’t changed my SDMB surfing technique or browser settings, maybe it is my browser acting up. I just thought it was pertinant with all the time travel funnies going on.

When that happens, look at the date, not just the time listed. A lot of times, a bunch of threads have a time the following day associated with them, so they stay at the top for a while.