time travel question

ok so we all know that as you approach the speed of light time around you slows down correct? so if i am running close to the speed of light and your are not i will age more slowly then you. ok here is where my question comes in. the earth is moving, the solar system is flying, the galaxy is spinning, the universe is expanding, now all of this movement must be happening pretty fast. do you see where i am goign wit this. do you mean that we are all caught in a slow time movement because of all of this fast movement? i mean it seems normal to us since we are all experienceing it at the same time. but to an outside observe who is outside the expanding univrse were to look at us we would be moving super slow correct?

You can’t really have someone outside the universe looking “in” can you?


Slower or faster, depending on the hypothetical observer’s own speed relative to the body he is observing, yes.

I highly recommend How To Build A Time Machine by Paul Davies. It’s an excellently written, thorough examination of the ideas in physics and fiction about time travel. The author says that yes, time travel is possible… just very, very difficult and a one-way ticket. Great casual reading and has a wealth of hard scientific explanations in layman terms. Imagine if Bill Bryson was actually a scientist; that’s about as close as I can get to the tone of this book.

Brian Green (beautiful universe) says you CAN go forward; you cannot go back.

Ain’t that always the way…

I time travel forward every day.

Oh, sure, if you think one second per second is good enough . . .

the whole thing makes me extremely nervous.

It is obvious that what ever is going on with time, we haven’t got a clue.

And still it is essential to our cosmology as we function in it, and we can keep appointments, more or less, so whazzup?

Seriously, the Earth’s equator is moving at about 1000mph. The Earth orbits the sun at about 67,000mph. C~=186,000mps, so there’s no appreciable relativistic effect from outside our system.

Sol system moves within the galaxy at, oh, let’s call it 500,000mph, or around 8333mps, or .05C. At .05C, gamma goes like 1.001, so not much shaking there, either. I mean, a gamma of 1.001 is measurable, but not particularly noticable.

I don’t have the numbers for relative speed of the Milky Way handy . . . anyone have the latest?

for instance, I would really appreciate if some one could explain why superstring theory mandates eleven (or sometimes 10 ) dimensions.

why not 12?

Why never 9, but sometimes 10.

what the fuck do you mean “sometimes 10” How can it be sometimes 10- and sometimes 11?

This is a good place to start.


I gotta say, Im up to quarks outnumberiong antiquarks and so far if anything, i am MORE nervous…

I’ve probably misunderstood something, but I seem to remember that positrons could be considered as electrons going backwards in time. So, if you managed to go backwards in time, wouldn’t you, like, turn into antiparticles…?

Tachyons, not positrons.

I had a pet scan once. Why didn’t scottie come running out of my brain saying

we’re 34seconds from losing magnetic containment,. captain. She won’t hold together much longer…?