Time Warner Cable

I should mention - last year or maybe the year before at this time, my plumber accidentally cut my cable line. (Well, they laid it stupid - buried it like half an inch deep across the gravel driveway!) Anyway, I called them and they came out and fixed it free on Super Bowl Sunday. Now I don’t give one little damn about the game, but I was impressed. That one time. I can give you a list as long as my arm of the ways they’ve fucked me over, though. But to be fair, once they were awesome.

And the lady at the Colorado Springs call center is really, really nice. :slight_smile:

Yes, 8! The biggest problem seems to be that TWC itself only rarely sends out it’s own techs, most problems are taken care of by contractors. It’s my opinion that these contractors are lazy, and they lie to TWC about work orders. Just my opinion.

I’ve never had a more horrible customer service experience. From day one of ordering service (2 missed appointments, 3 separate visits from (contractor) techs who couldn’t figure out why the cable didn’t work. Approx. 1 month from initial order to working cable) to this nonsense with the dangling cables has left a bad taste in my mouth about TWC. EVERY supervisor I have talked to on the phone said that the bare cables are not dangerous, which is true, but it’s still wrong.

When I told them that I was going to cancel my cable tv service because of their abhorrent customer service policies, the lady on the phone tried to sell me their overpriced digital phone service. :rolleyes:

And, they give huge bills to disaster victims for destroyed equipment.