Time waster of a game - little to no skill required - mindless clicking

But oh so fun!

Crush the Castle

Addictive. Post your latest addictions.

Continuity is the one that’s been eating my soul lately.

I’m almost to the end. Some of the puzzles are ridiculously easy, some are quirky, and some are brutally complex.


Can you give me a (spoiler box) tip on how to get past the second cell in level 10. I don’t see anything that connects to it on the right… must be missing something here.

Never mind… I’ve figured that one out.

I think.

I’m playing the free chess that came with Vista. Right now, I’m up to level 5. If you put any pressure on the computer at all, they give up and suicide their pieces. I can pretty much pinpoint when the computer has unconditionally surrendered.

The only blemish on my record so far was when I was fooling around and made 4 queens, and creating the 4th queen caused a stalemate.