Damn it.

I have bitten off more than I can chew.

I am in a play that has been extended several times. That means rehearsals several times a week for months now. I have agreed to help that production company with their web updates. I also have my own website to update (hell, I have to complete it first). I also book bands at a local club which takes my Sundays. I also am writing several scripts of various lengths which my company will produce. I am building a film studio in a Brooklyn warehouse space. I have a day job at a bank. I am a social addict - I go out alot. I stay up late. I love video games - they are now so large they typically take 40-60 hours to beat. I’m single and looking. I spin records 2 or 3 times a month at least (12 hour nights). I have to do laundry thrice a week (costumes/work clothes/play clothes). I go to auditions. I love the SDMB - I want to go back and finish so many threads (especially in GD) - but lack the time to do the research/math to make a proper showing. I am scouting real estate for a friend who would like to purchase a bar in Manhattan (which I may ultimately manage!). Tons o stuff going on here.


An average of 4 hours of sleep a day.
Low energy.
Neglected friends.
A lonely cat.
A bunch of half-finished projects.
A large pile of laundry.
A large pile of paerwork.
A hunched back.
Carpal tunnel.
Incomplete threads.
E-Mails not sent.
A growing sense of frustration.
A desire to take Provigil - such wonderful sweetness that would be!)

Of course, I’ve never been happier. I just wish there were more usefull hours in a day. I want to give all of these things I love the attention they deserve. Instead, they all get just a little love before I have to move onto something else. If I were a Sim my meters would be way down right now. Sleep is a luxury. How’d we get there? (add to the list of results: “referring to myself as we”). I apologize for the incomplete threads and unresponded to emails where applicable. I’ll get to em some day.

Legalize Provigil!

DaLovin’ Dj

Now would be a good time for cloning.

Let your clone do the mundane stuff, like work, laundry, web updates. And you can do all the fun stuff. Plus, you both get some sleep. Like in pat Benatar’s song, My Clone Sleeps Alone.

I notice that you do not list amongst your woes “and to top it all off I’m not even making any money after my bills are paid!”

You might consider hiring someone to do some of that housy-stuff (cat, clothes, etc) for you.

Just a thought:)

Sorry, i came in here to bitch about the quality of journalism at the magazine.

I’ll show myself out. :slight_smile:

How about a clone AND a maid? Can the maid be a clone as well? How about you clone that girl who plays Jack Bauer’s daughter on 24 (the only television show I have the time to watch these days). It’ll be like Seinfeld where he sleeps with his maid except it won’t be wierd because the cloning will involve modifications to make her obey orders and be loyal. Come to think of it, a clone maid would solve my dating issues as well.

At least cloning isn’t illegal in the US . . . oh wait.

Dude, you are the textbook definition for someone in need of prioritizing. I was getting exhausted just reading about your life. Plus, if you’re single and looking, you can pretty much count on losing your girlfriend if you are as busy as you are now with a woman in your life. Women don’t take well to being the #9 priority on your list (you know, something you get around to).

No, but if you just happened upon a clone who happened to both be a maid and look like that girl from 24 … well, that’s not illegal, is it?

well, at least your not whittering away the hours in an off hand way.

True Twisty.

And I know how you feel. You run and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking.


You need a palm pilot, a “personal assistant” who would do maid chores and shopping, errands, etc. and you need to give yourself time that cannot be pre-empted by other stuff. It may only be one evening a week, but you should be able to just stop and do nothing every so often.

Wow. And here I only have to take out the garbage once every three weeks.

Work sucks, man.

You need your own monkey butler, that’s what you need.

Yes kabbes, and every time dalovindj goes to bed after another exhausting day, he’s shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

Say what you want - as far as I am concerned hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.

I was wondering where you’d been. Now I know the answer is “everywhere”.