Time, basically, turns everything in to shit and mud. I hate it.

And fossil fuels.

Don’t forget about the fossil fuels.

Time makes things mature.

Nomadic_One? Is that you?

Right, and supposedly heals all wounds. I still say that it is the devouring worm and that it can go take a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

Pray to the powers above that you are not even in a back handed way implying that I am a sock. I take the integrity of my username as well as my words very seriously.

“Time wounds all heels.”

-Sign in a podiatrist’s office

Time turns grape juice into a decent quaff of Shiraz.

Time turns milk into wonderfully smelly cheese.

And you’re complaining?

Leave time alone…it’s not its fault that you see shit and mud where others see it as life-affirming **compost]/b].

Whinger. :smiley:

How does a weekly news magazine do all this? :confused:

Black holes, actually.

Well, if you tear the pages into strips and soak it to get rid of the toxic inks, THEN add it to your rotting pile of shit and mud, you will end up with a glorious mound of compost.



That’s a haiku in desguise! Can’t pass that up.

Time basically turns
Everything to shit and mud
Oh how I hate it

Nope. Time turns everything into waste heat of ever-increasing wavelength.

“Time…is marching on…
And time…is still marching on…”

Dr. J

Time for Ovaltine

Justin Time.

Ozymandias, anyone?

“Look upon my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Can I quote Pink Floyd then? Can we get an “amen”??? :smiley:

Binarydrone, you are a man after my own disenchanted heart.

Bless you.

“is on my siiiiddde, yes it is”