Time's Person Of The Year is Taylor Swift.

Well, that’s kind of true :slight_smile:

It’s The Silence Breakers.

Boy, it’s a great choice when you know it’s gonna piss off both Trump and Kim Kardashian

Good choice.

It really is astounding how this has snowballed.

I guess that means Roy Moore and Harvey Weinstein are out.

I think this is a good choice. They’re trying to single out who was the “big newsmaker” this year, and this whole sexual harassment thing was BIG NEWS!!

I guess now the player should no longer be expected to get away with shaking it off when he play play play play play plays causing haters to hate hate hate hate hate hate.

The Silence Breakers ONLY because the dear leader took a pass and said “Thanks anyway!” :smiley:

Would’ve loved to have seen Summer Zervos among the women on the cover.

I know they couldn’t get everyone, but Rose McGowan would have been an appropriate addition to this.

Reminds me of a quote from a stupid movie:
“Lone Rangers”? You can’t pluralize “Lone Ranger”!*

She’s definitely in the article, but maybe her drug trial won’t allow her to travel for the cover shoot or something?

I cackled pretty hard at this news.

I wished they’d interviewed Kesha. I’m glad they spoke to Terry Crews. I hope Donald breaks another coffepot.

Right. Not sure how to put this tactfully, but let me try. I don’t get the impression that many of the women who spoke up suffered career-wise for speaking up. Kesha did, and to compound that, she spoke up at a time when she wasn’t joining this whole army of other women who were speaking up.

Since she spoke up years ago, in some ways it makes sense that she wouldn’t fit in with the Person of the Year award. But as someone who initially hated Kesha’s music and everything she stood for (and tbh, still can’t stand most of her music), I admire the hell out of her and think she would have been a great choice as someone to interview.

At this point with everything that has happened the role that Ronan Farrow played is a bit lost. He should be on the cover as the straw that broke the camel’s back. There have been stories and rumors about various people, Kesha and some others came forward to various levels of success, but what really changed everything was Farrow’s article.

Sometimes it’s impossible to tell why one thing makes an issue snowball into something huge. Just like there were stories about Cosby for years but it didn’t blow up until Hannibal Burress had a bit that went viral.