Tinkertoys for adults

Here’s a product idea: Tinkertoys for adults. Not “adult” as in XXX, but adult as in made of stainless steel or aluminum instead of wood (or plastic.)

The kit would include square flat panels made of glass or wood so you could build yourself a coffee table, end table, bookshelf, etc out of them. A square coffee table, rectanglar, t-shaped, whatever you wanted.

I want some!

I would purchase them and build my furniture. That would rule!
Please, force this into production.


They don’t have IKEA in Virgina?

That’s what I was thinking.

There isn’t an IKEA close by, but we have one up at Potomac Mills near DC. Do they have something like that? All I saw on their site was a sort of modular shelf system, which is sort of neat but not as neat as shiny metal Tinkertoys. :smiley:

Tinkertoys for adults

Here ya go

Here’s some more:


Those are pretty cool. Look pricey though, they’re oriented towards commercial/industrial apps.

I would have suggested Lowe’s, or Home Depot.

(More accurately, the candy store for adults.)


Oh, heck, we had this over thirty years ago when I was an undergrad. It was called “slotted angle iron”, although it was colloquially “Dexion”, after one company that made it. More like a giant-sized Erector Set that you could use to build items tens of feet long. The Theater groups on campus used it for building sturdy stages and sets, and the labs used it for making rigid experimental structures. People made furniture out of it, too, attaching plywood panels to the sides.

Guys, guys, your modular construction sets are nice and all, but they’re ass-ugly. The OP wants Tinkertoys Remember Tinkertoys ?

Rounded, colors, wheels you could whip at your sister’s head like a discus thrower on crack?

They have Giant Tinkertoys in some daycares now that might work for indoor furniture if you slapped a few tabletops into the holes. But what the OP really needs is something a little larger in scale.