Tiny monitor got you down? No worries mate!

Now you can join the elite in monitor heaven!

I really like the one on the bottom right. With ten 10" x 22" high resolution LCD panels you just can’t go wrong, and at $142,350 it’s a freakin’ steal! Plus they will throw in a spare LCD panel and an extended 4 year warranty for a measly $33,399. Not to mention that you can expand to meet your future needs with up to 22 additional panels at only $19,299 each (extended warranty not included). As long as you’re at it, why not pick up a protective case for each monitor? Hell, they’re only $1,500 a pop and will come in really handy if you ever want to steal the show at your local lan party.

For me, this was the clincher on the deal:

Yep, my productivity is about to go through the roof (or 20% to 50%, whichever comes first).