Tiny recent mysteries you've encountered

What small mysteries have you encountered recently? Say, just within the last few months.

Tonight I was behind a vehicle, a small SUV or crossover, that’s headlights baffled me. Somehow it was illuminating the branches of trees it was driving next to…up to 15’ up. I’ve never seen anything like that before, not even from a much higher profile vehicle like a bus or mac truck, and not only was the effect creepy AF because it cast shadows that gave the impression something was moving in the branches, it also was making me a bit motion sick.

What the hell was wrong with the headlights that would throw light straight up like that? I’ll probably never know.

What’s your mystery?

About 3 years ago, i bought some make-up remover pads, so I could stop using (and throwing away) the disposable cotton rounds. They came with their own little bag that you put them in when you washed them. I used them for awhile and then they vanished. I figured the washer sucked them into another dimension with the missing socks.

About two and a half years later, last fall, the bag of cotton rounds magically returned. I have two theories

Theory 1: The portal to the beyond had reversed polarity and was returning the socks and things back to me. Yippee, right?

Theory 2: I had recently washed the guest bed sheets. The bag may have gotten tangled in the guest sheets in the laundry, and remained tangled in the guest sheets (or pillowcases?) when I put them on the guest bed, before the pandemic. Because of the pandemic, I hadn’t had visitors for two years, so the bag just remained there until I washed the sheets after my nephew’s visit.

My family is united in backing Theory 2. I don’t know how I could put sheets on the guest bed without realizing the bag was tangled in them. Also I am still hoping to get some of those socks back…

I saw a bizarre vehicle convoy a few months ago. Three crappy cars were driving in formation INCREDIBLY close like almost bumper to bumper at a low speed through a city street. The front and back were old 90’s sedans while the middle vehicle looked to be a 1980’s style big box van. The three vehicles were down the street at about 20MPH keeping formation the entire time and I had to drive around them but they kept that formation up. I have no idea what that was about

Was the road wet? I’ve seen where headlights lit up things in strange directions and creepy-looking ways when the light was reflecting off a wet road.

This wasn’t recent but it was quite the mystery.

I’m in my bedroom watching tv. In comes my toddler son. He’s gnawing on a pizza crust. At first i thought one of his brothers must have grabbed it for him from the fridge.

Then i remembered we haven’t had pizza in over a month. So i get up and go ask his brothers if they knew where he got the pizza. They just shrugged their shoulders.

So i asked my son: Show daddy where you got the pizza.

He then proceeds over to the couch, lifts up the cushion and points (under there).

Mystery solved i guess.

The 90s are OLD? Wasn’t that just a couple of weeks ago …? Where has time gone, that’s the real mystery.

Been a long time since I had to change a headlight, but in older vehicles you would sometimes have to adjust headlights so they worked properly. I would have thought newer cars would have solved that problem.

I haven’t faced a mystery or strange things myself but i heard lot about these types of thing and on this page i realise that i am hearing it sitting right next to peoples , these talks always got my nerves

It was not wet

I’ve had this kind of thing happen. I bought a long-sleeved turquoise t-shirt. I washed it before I wore it. Then I kind of forgot about it. One day I thought to myself, “Hey, where’s that new t-shirt?” I couldn’t find it anywhere. I hadn’t even worn it yet. Months later, I was in another part of the basement (away from the laundry area) and there it was on top of some outdoor chair cushions. :woman_shrugging:t4: No clue how it got there. I’m the only one that does laundry.

I have my dress pants hanging on pants hangers, lined up together. I have 3 black pairs and one brown pair. I went to get the brown ones and they weren’t there. I don’t wear them that often so I knew they weren’t in the laundry. I went hanger by hanger (twice) through the whole closet thinking that maybe I just hung them up in the wrong spot. Nope, not there. And not on the floor of the closet either. A few weeks later, I went into the closet for something, and there they were, hanging right along with the black ones. I have no explanation.

Yesterday there was a fine, white powder on the floor at the base of the stairs. It wasn’t there an hour before I noticed it, and it couldn’t have been there long, as there were no footprints in it despite being in a high traffic area. The other occupants of the house denied any knowledge.

There’s no mystery … the other occupants of the house are LYING !

I know that. The mystery is which one is lying, and what exactly the powder is. It is also not a mystery that I was the one who cleaned it up.

I’m going with Theory 1.

@panache45 lost a red sheet.
That really bothers me.

It’s impossible it could be found in my residence or state but I’m still peeking in dumpsters and trash cans every where I go.

My disappearances are no mystery.

I will buy something. Or I will collect something, and keep adding to the collection.

In the first instance, I had bought a Rubbermaid caddy. The house where we lived had two bathrooms, and my intention was to fill the caddy with bathroom cleaning paraphernalia, to transport between bathrooms on cleaning day.

Cleaning day arrives, and my caddy is GONE. I do some investigating, and I find my thief. “I saw that just sitting there, and nobody was using it, and I thought it would be great for hauling my tools around.” :exploding_head:

For the collection disaster, it happened twice. I went through the trouble of saving coffee cans, with the intention to store foodstuffs I sometimes bought in bulk.

The time came when I wanted to fill the coffee cans.

They were gone.

I put on my Sherlock Holmes hat, grabbed my magnifying glass, and began the interrogation.

The disappearance of Collection Number One. Mr VOW had a sheepish look on his face. “They were just sitting around, nobody was using them, so I threw them away.” :exploding_head:

Same song, second verse. Only this time the culprit was The Son. His response was identical, “They were just sitting around, nobody was using them, so I threw them away.” :exploding_head:

My resulting tantrum consist of a lot of yelling, as I demand, “Did you bother to ASK?”

I have a lot of headaches.


I drove past a house with two cars parked outside. One license plate said TEACH. The other one said CONQUEST. I really want to know what’s going on in there.

I had a sofa bed that did this with a book once. I had a guest for a martial arts seminar one year. He’d brought several library books with him, and after he got home, one was missing. So he asked me to look around for it. I figured getting folded in the bed was an obvious way we’d lose it, so I unfolded it to check, and didn’t find it.

Fast forward a year, and when getting ready to host the same guy again, I unfolded the bed, and the damn book was just sitting there plain as day.

A few weeks ago ilwgile driving in the middle of the day on a suburban street with houses on both sides I saw two young men standing one in each lane right in the middle and walking slowly in formation and making weird serpentine like manuever as if to block someone from driving past them without hitting them. I was sure it was a carjacking attempt so I got ready to just drive past them no matter what until I got close, they saw me and immediately parted ways and let me go.

I have no idea if that was indeed some carjacking attempt but I wasn’t their intended target or some other bizzare illegal activity.

How the hell did we become the dominant species on the planet with these sort of shenanigans going on?