Tip the AAA driver?

Should one tip the AAA driver when it comes to jump my battery?
The guy didn’t seem to expect a tip, and he gave good service. He did try (not very hard) to sell me a battery, which I do need.

Is there a tip space on the credit card slip? I so rarely carry cash that an unexpected tip would only be able to be paid by credit card. I just got AAA (my roadside assistance finally ran out) so this is coming from someone who has never needed to use the service.

I never have. The service is free to you after a membership fee but the service company gets paid decently for what they do and the drivers usually get paid a decent wage for their skills. No tip is expected.

I’ve wondered about this too. I had an accident once during a snowstorm while driving to work, and the tow truck driver came out during a blizzard, dropped my car off at a body shop, and then drove me about 10 miles back to my house. All told, it took about 3 hours. I would have tipped him, but I’d spent my seven bucks on a sandwich, chips, and a soda (which subsequently ended up all over my dashboard).

Going back about 25 years ago, I drove a truck for a couple of years for the Canadian equivalent - CAA.

I don’t recall receiving tips except for a very few occasions. The times I did receive tips were usually related to winching a vehicle from a ditch. I don’t know if they were trying to buy their way out of embarrassment for going off the road or that they were happy I was able to recover their vehicle without causing additional damage.

I don’t think I ever expected a tip.

I didn’t get paid a remarkable hourly wage, but it was relatively unskilled labour I was providing.

I wondered. I worked gas stations back in the day (mid '60’s to about ‘72) when we did the whole service routine. I did a lot more work per customer than a waitress/waiter, but rarely got a tip. Once in a while, if I helped someone out, I got a tip. Quite a few times I’d get a good tip of the herbal kind from hippies. It was a good time. :slight_smile:
BTW; I’m glad servers get what they do, and don’t begrudge them a penny. They work hard too.
Just sayin’.

I had to have my battery jumped at work about a year ago. I didn’t tip the AAA tow driver since he’d driven from down the street, and it took him all of 30 seconds to jump the battery. He lingered a bit as if he was waiting for a tip. I probably would have tipped if more strenuous service was involved; plus, I pay $76 a year for AAA, and I’ve used it twice in 10 years.

So, I drove my car straight to Autozone and the salesman discovered that the battery was still under warranty. Then he insisted on installing the new battery for me. Him I tipped.

I tipped the one time I used them. He showed up in less than half an hour and drove my to my local service station after my brakes completely failed.

It was only a token amount, but I appreciated the service.

Under most circumstances, I wouldn’t tip a AAA (or any other) tow driver. It’s part of a service that I’ve paid for, and he is already being compensated for his service.

However, the last time I needed a tow, I ended up giving the guy a $10 tip. He towed my car to my home, and helped me push it (by hand) up a slight grade into my garage. I wouldn’t have been able to do it myself, and it was above and beyond what was required from him; he could have just dropped the car in my driveway and gone on his way.

The service that one time was worth the fee to me. I didn’t have to dig out my cables and go around asking for a jump. And I didn’t have to worry about some macho know-it-all doing it wrong and frying my alternator (the diodes inside it). Twice, when I tried to jump someone, the “I got it” dude went and did it wrong. Never give a jump to a guy while a cutie is watching.
My second time was the last. Get AAA, I say. :cool:

I would a AAA driver, but not a regular tow truck.

Only if he did something far above that required by his job. Which I did have happen once, and yes, I did tip him. But it’s not expected.

We did once.

Late November and we hit a deer driving back from a football game at about 10PM. We limp to a gas station and my mother said she doesn’t feel comfortable driving home with a busted up windshield. So we call AAA and the guy stops by hooks us up then starts off down the road.

We start chatting and find out he was actually going HOME when he got the call. His home is about 50 miles in the opposite direction from where he’s now heading. He calls his daughter to tell him he’ll be home late tonight. We apologize for the inconvenience and he said it’s OK as he’s trying to get some hours in for Christmas the following month.

So after driving half way home, he stops, picks us up to drive us 50 miles back in the opposite direction to where he started, only to have to retrace his steps back the full 100 miles to his family before he slept that night.

Yeah, we threw some extra money his way.

I have always tipped my AAA driver when they have come to help me out. It wouldn’t occur to me not to until I read this thread. To me it is like tipping the guy that delivers your new mattress. He doesn’t own the company, he is providing a personal service so I feel a tip is warranted.

So that was why those two guys were delaying their departure!
My last mattress I brought home myself, in a box. It’s a Keetsa, and it’s squished down to fit. Most comfortable mattress yet.

No, though for some reason I tip the guy who delivered my washer/dryer. Go figure my reasoning.

I heavily tipped the mattress delivery guys because the transformer on the street chose that morning to blow and knock out power to my building. So they had to haul the set up 4 flights of stairs in the dark. I felt terrible about it.

I have not yet had the occasion to call AAA but I always seem to be with my parents when their car breaks down or they lock the door with the keys in the ignition and I’ve never seen them tip, so I’m not sure it would have occurred to me until I read this thread. If I’m in a position to need them, I’ll probably be so flustered I won’t think of it until it’s too late.