Tip the Taxi driver more than the Pizza Guy? Why?

According to page on AOL (:rolleyes:), a taxi driver should be tipped 15%, while a pizza delivery guy should only be tipped $1-$2. I would really like to know who came up with this nugget of genius.

As a pizza guy, I typically answer the phone and take down your order, then make your pizza, then drive my own car out to your house (which you only gave me to vaguest of directions to), walk up to your front door, pretend I’m happy to see you, and give you your pizza. Hell, in some cases, when I’m asked to, I’ll even carry it in and set it right on your kitchen table for you. And I deserve a mere $1 or $2 for this*, while a cab driver who drives around in someone elses car all day deserves a full 15%? Can someone please explain this rationale to me?

*(remember, that’s only an average of about 5% considering the average pizza sale, and we’re taxed as if you tipped us closer to 15%, so we could be losing money on that dollar.)

Actually, a lot of cab drivers are owner-operators. Their licenses in some cities are incredibly expensive.

At any rate, I usually tip the pizza guy with a ten-dollar bill. I like seeing his face light up. No one has ever failed to thank me enthusiastically.