Tipping for a tow - need answer fast!

My motorcycle broke down at a gas station and the tow guys are on the way. Two guys are coming because it’s a big bike. It won’t start at all so it’s going to have to be pushed up on the flatbed. I’m only about five minutes away from their shop.

What kind of tip should I give? It’s the Boston area.

I’ve been towed before, me & my bike. I didn’t tip.

But if you chose to tip, you probably can’t go wrong with anything $10 or higher, I imagine.
ETA: I changed it to $10. I had $20 before. On second thought, $10 is a more reasonable lower limit. Good luck!

Thanks! Apparently the answer is $10 per person if you do tip (according to front desk lady), but they won’t actually accept the money when you try to push it at them. Probably has something to do with being a lady on a bike.

Wow, I considered myself a good tipper, but I have never tipped a tow guy. It didn’t even occur to me. Excuse me while I examine my priorities…

I’ve never tipped for a tow and it wouldn’t even occur to me to do so.

I think you guys in the US are raising the tipping bar constantly. Next we’ll all be expected to tip convenience store clerks.

Same here.

It would never have occurred to me to tip the tow guy.

Same here.

If my motorcycle was towed and arrived without incident, no scratches etc, I would be elated and tip the tow people.

As for towing a car, I wouldn’t think of tipping. Unless there were unusual circumstances.

Haven’t had many tows. Only one I can remember was when I snapped my car’s serpentine belt. It was July in central VA and baking hot. I’m not sure how much these guys get paid when it’s a AAA job. I gave the guy a $10: “Get something cold; it sucks today.” He didn’t act like he was expecting anything, but thanked me.

If you pay them, no tip*. If they are doing it for free, since you’re taking it there, then sure, a fiver each.

*but buying a box of donuts for the shop or something is always a nice gesture.

I give them $5 to $10 around here, or a six pack if I’ve got one around. I don’t think it has to be any more in Boston.

Yep, count me in those for whom it never occurred to tip the tow truck drive.

I don’t think it’s that common, they seemed surprised some of the times I tip. I tip a lot in general but around here one company does the vast majority of the towing and I’m likely to see these guys again. It’s paid off a couple of times. In the Boston area the OP may never see the same driver or company again but it’s still ok to be nice. And they might drive more carefully and be more careful when they unload that vehicle later.

Best tip you can give a tow truck driver is “go back to school.”

I’ve got you covered on that. I have tipped convience store clerks for various things before. For example, I locked myself out of my place one night and the convenience store down the street helped me find and call a 24 hour locksmith late at night. He got $10 for it.

Although you might not want to do that if you park on the street.